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Christian prisoners sprung out of Burmese prison

23 Oct

Stories to Inspire

Recently, my friend Brian in Redding, CA told me of a story that happened to him a few years ago. In their home group they had traveled in the Spirit and set captive persecuted Christians free… only to see the evidence of it in the US news a few days later. That’s the kind of results we expect to see as we mature in co-ruling and co-legislating with God.

Up till a few years ago, our plaintiff petition prayers have been our only option, when we’re asking for God to do something about a problem on earth. And it’s been the best option that we had… taking into consideration the level of revelation that we had at the time. But now we realize that our Heavenly citizenship avails us much more latitude of movement in the Spirit realm… and much more effectiveness and results. This frontier is a game-changer. It’s becoming apparent that Christian life has so many more options for growth, expansion, effectiveness and governance, etc. Exciting!

What a God!!!

Christian prisoners sprung out of Burmese prison

“Several years ago, I was mentally transported to another location on the earth while we were in a time of prayer and worship in a homegroup that my wife and I hosted. I found myself in a prison where persecuted Christians were having a glorious worship experience from cell to cell.”

“The images were coming from that ‘God place’ of my mind that I was learning to become familiar with. I saw myself riding on the back of an angel through the prison corridors opening the prison doors and setting the captives free. I began narrating what I was seeing, play-by-play, to the attendees in our homegroup. A few of the people in the room began speaking in tongues with a distinct, Chinese sounding-dialect that one of the attendees said sounded like Burmese.”

“After this unusual 30-40 minute encounter, we opened up a map and felt like we had been transported into a prison in Burma. The reason we chose Burma is that one of the girls in our group had recently been there, and as I described what I saw, she felt and discerned that I was in a Burmese prison. Everything was so random and spontaneous that one could have easily brushed the entire scenario off as conjured, fake and even childish.”

“But, to our amazement, a few days later, major network news announced that Hillary Clinton had just returned from Burma where she was negotiating for the release of “political prisoners”. In Burma, the term “political prisoners” can also include Christians. You can view Hillary’s Jan 13, 2012 statement in the Treaty Room of the State Department online.” – BN


Excerpt adapted from Brian Nickens’ book entitled: ‘Hunger Driven – Overcoming Fear and Skepticism of Supernatural Christianity’. Used by permission