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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!!!

24 Dec


From our home to yours
Merry Christmas… and a very blessed New Year!
Mark and Debbie and family


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a very average young couple gave birth to a healthy baby.  Nothing much different here.  And that birth might have shepherds281112_02passed as your garden variety normal birth, if it hadn’t been for the shepherds and wise men who began to show up.pppas0071

 Even though Mary had been pondering all those ‘crazy’ visits from angels, can you hear her asking, “What’s compelling these people to come see our baby?”

 But what she may not have understood at the time, is that every person wants see a real expression of God in their world.  So when the wise men and shepherds saw the supernatural indicators (star and angels) faith rose in their hearts and desire compelled them.  They believed that they could have an encounter with Him for themselves.

 Wise men and women still seek Him… and find that He’s always been closer than they ever expected. 

I love those who love me, and those who search for me find me.” – Prov 8:17

Thank you for your love and care for us!  We’re so proud of your courageous lives and the testimonies you share.
A blessing: May brand new and exhilarating breakthrough be yours this 2016 New Year!

And here’s something just for grins:


DPM Update – 2014 December – Merry Christmas!

22 Dec

Merry Christmas
and the happiest New Year, yet!


About 2000 years ago in a sleepy little town of Bethlehem, God revealed Himself on earth in a human body.  That fact is amazing.  But even more amazing is that because of His life here on earth, He now reveals Himself in you.  Jesus didn’t come to just be Emmanuel… God WITH us… much more importantly, He came to make His home IN us.  He revealed the mystery that was hidden for the ages… the treasure in our earthen vessels which brings us glory… is Christ in you! 

Now for the really Good News: You are God’s address… He has made His home in you. M&D - 14

Much love from the Hendrickson family to you and yours!

Mark and Debbie Hendrickson


PS.  For a little Smile Time, scroll down…. (video about 2 mins long)








Sweet Baby Jesus

DPM Update – 2013 Merry Christmas!

24 Dec


A Very Merry

to you and yours…
and the best and happiest New Year, yet!

From the Hendrickson family


A little girl singsHappy Birthday Jesus’.

Did you say you wanted to see the cutest grandkids in the whole world?

Grandkids2 -13

Aslan James                             Eli Franklin                                 Avalee Joy

And Just for fun…


Merry Christmas 2012 – Happy New Year 2013

26 Dec

Merry Christmas – 2012

And the best and happiest New Year, yet!

From the Hendrickson family

A little over 2000 years ago, a baby was born who would become
the Savior of the world.  Despite a very humble beginning,
He became a King.  This King loved so well that we still
celebrate His birthday… and wise men still seek Him.

A very special 6 year old girl sings ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’.

And speaking of babies
let us introduce our newest family members born this year:

 Aslan James                                                                  Avalee Joy