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Supernatural Provision formula: (H + O) x IoH = SP

27 Mar

A reader pointed out that while reading my book he had discovered a math ‘formula’ for experiencing supernatural provision.  Since I was unaware of how I had reduced the message of the book to something so simple, he referred to page 41 which reads:

“In each of these occasions, spiritual hunger and obedience coupled with the sovereign invasion of Heaven’s superior laws empowered people to trump natural laws with the greater influence of super-natural laws.”

So here’s the math formula:  (H + O) x IoH = SP

Let’s break it down further

….(H) Hunger
+  (O) Obedience
x  (IoH) Invasion of Heaven
=  (SP) Supernatural Provision

How do you like that?  Could God really fit into a math equation?

Thanks Henry.