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SP True Stories: Live your dream

2 Jul

From a friend:bigstock-D-Text-Inspiration-Message-Li-29235500

I had a dream that a certain guy was going to give me a specific amount of money.  A couple months later I ended up working for this man doing some painting and random work on his house and at the end of the job he wrote me a check for that amount of money almost to the dollar.  I was depositing that check via my phone when my credit card statement asked me if I would like to redeem my points.  It turned out that my credit card company somehow owed me more money than I owed them!  You know you’re living in abundance when your credit card company is in debt to you!!!

Another day, another miracle! 

I learned last week that, although the school purchased my ticket to fly from Houston to China, now I was going to have to buy my own ticket to fly from KC to Houston.  I was a little bummed that I had to come up with the extra money.  Then my roommate said, “Hey, I have a $200 flight voucher that expires in a couple days.  You can use it.”  

What?!  Wow, God is getting really good at taking care of us!  😉