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SP True Stories: IRS, from debt to refund

17 Jun

From a friend:

We owed $10K in taxes for 2014.  We didn’t have the money; in fact our finances were in such a slump, we were barely able to pay mandatory bills.  Then God directed us to move to Montana, and the finances were miraculously provided!  When we got here my wife said she felt I should ask my uncle who is a CPA to look at our 2014 taxes.  I said I would do it for her sake; not thinking he would be able to help much.  About this time I felt led to pray that God would erase our tax debt.

So finally a year after our initial bill from the IRS, my uncle was able to not only reduce our taxes, but it turned out the IRS owed us over $1,000, because the tax preparation had not been done correctly the first time.  By then it was time to file our 2015 taxes which I did and we were supposed to get a $6K refund.IRS refund

But everything got mixed up in the system and it looked like we weren’t going to get our debt erased or our refund after all.  And to make matters worse, now we wouldn’t have enough money to attend my sister’s wedding in Missouri.  So we prayed and trusted God.  We prayed that if He wanted us to go, then let our tax situation get worked out and let us receive the check from the IRS by the end of April.  Then we had peace!

Miraculously, the last week of April we received a check in the mail for around $7K, and the rest is history!  No more IRS tax debt, bills paid and money to attend my sister’s wedding.  Glory to God!!! Jesus is amazing!!!!