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Twenty-two year old dream finally tells its meaning

1 May

Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it meant… so you just archived it in your journal and forgot about it?   I did.  But 22 years later I realized I had been living the dream unaware… and that dream validated all that we had lived.  Isn’t God good to surround us with His affirmation?

Back in 2010, one of my Wisconsin spiritual sons (my great friend John Collins), visited KC to attend the IHOPKC Awakening meetings.  We’ve been best buds for many years now… and he’s a great source of joy for my life.  In a vulnerable moment, I just wondered out loud, “Is anything we do, really registering in Heaven… does it all count for eternity’s sake?”

The conversation drifted to our family’s move to WI in 1989 and back to KC in 2000.  They asked why we moved… and if we had any confirmations to help us make that move.  I said, “We had many confirmations and dreams that I’ve recorded in journals, but I’ll tell you a dream that I’ve never told anyone.”

(Later I checked my journal and found it recorded in August of ’88… eight months before we moved to WI.)

In the dream I was up on a cliff, looking out over an ocean when I saw a Sasquatch (Big Foot type creature) floundering in the surf and being washed toward shore.  I jumped off the cliff and into the water to rescue him.  When I got near to him, I realized there were two Sasquatches.  He told me that he had been taking care of some people, but the problem was that he was now tired.  He went on to say, “There are 150 more like us in WI”.  Then the dream ended.

I felt like the dream’s meaning was that when we move to WI we would meet people who were either unsaved, spiritually unawakened, or discouraged and they needed help… we were to help them find God or find their ‘footing’ and passion in God.

By the time I finished telling the dream, John’s eyes had gotten big and were telegraphing that he could hardly believe what he’d just heard.  He said, “Mark, you’re not going to believe this!  When I was in high school, my nickname was Sasquatch!”

We were both incredulous and just stared at each other for a moment… absorbing what we’d both just heard and what it meant to us.  In other words, God had let me know His plan for us to meet and run for God together… and this was four years before we ever actually met each other.  John had other good friends who encouraged him toward Jesus, but I happened to be there when he profoundly gave his heart to Jesus.  He and I have been best of friends for nearly 25 years.  I’m so proud of him that he’s never ‘fallen off the wagon’ in his spiritual passion for Jesus.

John and wife Nettie on a cliff overlooking the surf in Hawaii

I exclaimed, “John, why didn’t you ever tell me that your nickname was Sasquatch?” to which he replied, “Mark, why didn’t you ever tell me the dream?”  We both laughed… and then we hugged each other while tears flowed freely as we both saw that the hand of God and His design had been actively at work in our lives the whole time.  God really did have a plan… and Yes! It really does matter what we do here on earth!  Twenty-two years after the dream, its relevance and meaning were unveiled to us and we realized that we had been living out the fulfillment of the dream and God’s plan for us, all the time.

Hearing God’s voice and receiving His affirmation, confirmed our past and gave great hope for our future.  We both said, “We can live off of this moment for a long time”.  God had encouraged our hearts, Big Time!!!

You may have a dream that hasn’t come true yet.  But what if you’re actually already living out the dream… you just haven’t bumped into that missing ‘key’ for the dream to make sense?

Lord, we bless those dreams to ‘come alive’ and ‘deliver’ their powerful confirmations in our lives.  Amen