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DPM Update – 2017 Sept

13 Sep

Dear Friends

Partner with you
As you know, we never ask for money!  So, after informing you of our upcoming Israel mission, it’s been especially fun to receive some spontaneous gifts from you.  We will be making some sizeable and meaningful contributions to poverty-stricken families among the orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews.  (See the last post for more details)  If this is similarly stirring in your heart, we’d be happy to partner with you in this venture.  We’ll keep you posted.

40th year anniversary
Early this year Debbie said, “This year is our 40th anniversary… and you know… I have never been on a Mediterranean cruise.”  I said, “You know… there are a lot of things we haven’t done!”  🙂  But somehow I just felt like it could possibly happen.  After all, this wonderful lady has stuck with me for most of her life and I’m confident that God thinks she deserves a gold medal… or at least, something really special.  Well, it wasn’t but a few months later that someone said, “We want to send you on a Mediterranean cruise when you go to Israel.”  And there you have it… “God’s will is God’s bill!”  So we settled on a multi-country cruise from Venice, Italy.  Now, guess what?  My lady’s happy!  Yay!

Our family is growing.  We now have 7 GRANDchildren… and we LOVE being grandparents!  Markus & Allison had baby #2 this year and live in Nashville, TN area.  John & Cheryl and their 4 children live here in Kansas City, MO, about one block away from us.  Chris & Lydia are in Redding, CA with baby #1.  And just for the record, we’re hoping for at least 7 more!!!

He-Man camping
Sometimes you’ve just got to get away from it all! (even Jesus did)  🙂  So, we went on our 15th annual He-Man Camping trip recently.  3 days/2 nights… so easy… nature all around.  During the day: caving, exploring with the kids, catching crawdads, building a raft, and fishing… and during the night: listening to raccoons, foxes, owls, crickets and tree frogs.  Fun and relaxing.  John & Cheryl and the kids… and Deb & I, all stayed in our big family tent.  Here are a few pics.

Upgraded prayer
You may not know that we began a prayer meeting early in 2016… gathering every Thurs evening.  The goal was to transition our prayer vocabulary from beggar / plaintiff / petition… to confident sons / co-reign-ers with Jesus.  In other words, whatever Jesus would say over our situation, is what we say.  He declared the status and mind of Heaven into the situation.  Some words to describe this type of praying are: declare, prophesy, release, proclaim, loose, bind, etc.  You see, all of these descriptives imply a strong sense of confident knowing of our position and authority in Christ.  Here are a few articles that I’ve written about upgraded prayer in my blog: Beyond the Map.

That prayer meeting objective proved to be more difficult than we thought.  Even though all of the 5 or 6 people who started with us are pastors and had been involved in the prayer movement for decades, none of us realized how hard it would be to ‘unlearn’ old petition-type vocabulary… and begin using confident declarations.  Praying from a completely different position is intensely mentally laborious at first… not to mention trying to pray ‘in the anointing’.  BUT something changed about 3 months ago.  We’ve had some very powerful prayer meetings since then.  I think we’ve ‘turned a corner’.

I firmly believe that God is inviting His people into this kind of prayer… “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracle of God.” – I Peter 4:11  What would happen if all God’s saints began to embrace confident joyful co-rulership with Jesus on this earth!?!??!  WOW!  I think God can hardly wait!!!!  🙂

‘Plying our trade’
Deb and I are still doing our stuff… traveling around, ‘plying our trade’ – being mothers and fathers where ever we go.  Maybe that is part of the Malachi 4:6 verse which says, “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…”.  God is raising up men and women to ‘father’ and ‘mother’ an orphaned world.  That’s where we all (you too) come into the picture.

Thought for the day
No matter the difficulty of any circumstance, God is SO much bigger than any ‘oppressor’.  No matter the size, that oppressor is not even in the same league as our awesome God!

Lotsa love
Mark & Debbie

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DPM Update – 2016 August – More Big News

7 Aug

Dear Friends

John & Cheryl – another baby13872911_10154211768695202_2827570913943736346_n
More amazing news!  The grands are popping like rabbits.  John and Cheryl are expecting baby #4 next February.  Can you believe it, Debbie and I will have a total of 7 grandkids 4 years old and under. Yay for the grands!!

He-Man Campers, Intl – Alert!!  
The he-men, she-women and small fry will rendezvous for our yearly gathering NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!  Aug 10-13 is almost upon us!  Be advised of the new location:  Just south of Joplin, MO.  A small river runs beside the property… that means, swimming, floating and a rope swing out over the water.  And with so many worship radicals attending we’re going to have worship in the open air chapel.  We also have bathrooms and showers this year… YAY!  There’s even a kitchen to cook food… for some of the campfire-challenged chefs.  Playground equipment will entertain the small fry.  And for the tent-challenged newbies, there are a few bunks available in the lodge… bring your own bedding.  We’re gonna have a blast.  Remember: it’s NEXT WEEK!!!  For more info: (click here)

Upgraded prayer
A small group of veteran pray-ers started gathering earlier this year and began seriously focusing on praying more theologically appropriate prayers.  Hmmmm.  That sounds heavy duty doesn’t it?  Well, all it really means is praying the way our bibles read in the New Covenant.  We’ve discovered that we pray far more inappropriate prayers than we could hardly believe.  We had to unlearn Old Covenant models of begging… in favor of praying:

From the finished work of the cross
From Heaven versus from earth

From victory versus for victory

You see, when we pray, “When will You rend the Heaven’s and come down”, it’s outdated by about 2000 years.  Jesus already did that!  Praying to a God afar off… must be replaced with praying from our exalted position of being seated in the Heavenlies with Christ and inside of God.  Remember, Jesus said, “It is finished”, so we must begin thinking and praying like it really is finished… meaning we must begin to thank Him and prophesy Father’s will into existence.  We must see ourselves as fully empowered with all of His Kingdom available to us.

I realize that most of us wrestle mightily with insecurity when it comes to God’s love… fearing that we’ve fallen out of His love by some infraction… or major sin.  This tends to keep us in fear and ‘at a distance’ from God, such that we have difficulty praying with any degree of confidence.

Here’s a major insight: If we ever pray with any trepidation or fear of God, or if we ever doubt His good will toward us… then we automatically know that we don’t really know Father’s love well enough, because, “Knowing His love perfectly, drives out all fear.”  You see, His love for us has nothing to do with our works (good or bad) or the lack of them. It’s not by works of righteousness which we have done…” , so we must learn how to  “…come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

We must deal militantly with old covenant paradigms and fear based thoughts and prayers. We must …demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.  But be advised: This is much harder than it seems!  For one week try only praying/prophesying Father’s will from your Heavenly position toward your earthly situations.  Old default and automatic prayer rhetoric will try to dominate your mind and vocabulary… and will try to violate your position of faith.  It’s crazy how much our minds have become saturated with outdated patterns of thought!

Anyway, we experienced about 2 months of awkward prayers because our ‘CPU’s’ were maxing out trying to replace our overly familiar inappropriate prayer paradigms with upgraded but as yet unfamiliar prayer vocabulary.  But eventually we began to experience some amazing and refreshing anointed prayer meetings.   Now that we’ve created a little beachhead of upgraded praying, we’re beginning to open up this prayer meeting to others.  It’s been good!

Want some homework?  Try this: Ask yourself what Father’s will is regarding your situation.  Got it?  Now picture yourself seated/hidden in Christ… and begin praying from your Heavenly position toward your earthly circumstances.  There are only two appropriate postures now: thanking and prophesying.  Enjoy your workout.  🙂

OK… I’ll help get you started.  First, notice that there is no begging… nor is there any asking, in this prayer… because we confidently believe that whatever Father has already told us, is really true.  Now, let’s say that you need a breakthrough… and since we already know, “He’s given us everything pertaining to life and godliness”, then we say,

“Father I’m not sure about all the future details of this story, but I’m confident that it has a fantastic outcome because You and I are writing a powerful living epistle with my life.  I’m learning to be secure in Your love and co-labor with You by prophesying into my situations… just like my brother Jesus, would do.  So I declare that breakthroughs and provision will come forth to fulfill Your will and all of my needs “according to Your riches in glory”.  And any resistances that would be a barrier to that process must fall and be gone, in Jesus’ name.  Father, I’m delighted to be in this story-writing process with You.  You and I make a great partnership.  Thank You for all the past trophies of breakthroughs that fill the ‘mantle’ of my life.  You are a great Father!  When we talk about this again later today, I’ll tell You a couple of those trophy stories, because I know You love hearing my grateful heart.  In the meantime, I thank You for another powerful victorious story in the making.  Amen”

Video of miracles in Sweden
You’ve seen the powerful movies; Furious Love, Finger of God, Father of LightsHoly Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn… well here’s another radical movie by a completely different ministry from Sweden.  It’s about 100 mins long and has dozens of real time powerful and bonafide healings, baptism of Holy Spirit, believable deliverances with God-signs and radical salvations.  This is not a re-inactment or hype… just real ‘on the street’ God encounters of the radically impacting kind.  Don’t be surprised if your heart does ‘strange’ things.  🙂  I highly recommend The Last Reformation – The Beginning (2016) – FULL MOVIE!  It’s free!

Just for fun
Watch this young boy try to demonstrate how God’s power is “stronger than the world” (Just over a minute of video fun)

Appreciation for you!
Thank you for winning over lower mindsets and training your heart to hear and obey His voice.  Thank you for becoming a ‘self feeder’ as you’ve learned to ‘dig’ for your own fresh spiritual water and food.  Thank you for being a Life source and Light bearer to your world.  You are a great delight to your Heavenly Father.

Everywhere Debbie and I go, your hearts are so warm and full of love.  Thank you for how you graciously care for us and inspire us!  We truly love you!!!

Much Grace to you and yours!
Mark and Debbie

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Announcing: 14th Annual He-Man Camping, Intl

11 May

Dear He-Man campers (and She-Women, too)

             Official Extravaganza Gala Announcement

Our 14th Annual “He-Man (and She-Woman) Camping Trip, International” will be June 25-27 (Thurs thru Sat)(2 nights and parts of 3 days)  That’s right, it’s just over a month away.

This year we’ll be combining ALL types (manly types, girlie types and the ‘small fry’) for ALL three days and two nights.  It’s a family camp out.IMG_20130815_073048

Same place – South Central Missouri – Near Mt View, MO on the beautiful Jacks Forks River.  More details coming on the web site below.  Just look at the serenity in this pic!

Like all years, everyone is responsible for their own camping gear, travel, food and expenses. Camp sites are free.  I’ll supply the water, the large tarp for over the camp fire area… and the opportunity.  🙂

So mark your calendars and gather your gear for another extravaganza of epic proportions.  And just for a reminder of how epic it is, here are some things to look forward to:

~ Experience the priceless koinonia of tent-city group camping on a bed of gravel.  It’s sorta like the Early Church… many things are shared in common, like:  good victuals, snoring, tall story-telling, and… Ok, you get the idea.

~ Expect some sumptuous meals!!  It’s pretty doggone good when ya get to eat this good and this much on a campout.  Refresh your fire building skills… and cooking-over-an-open-fire skills… like the cave men did.  Or bring your Coleman cheater ‘cooker thang’ with fourteen gas burners and temperature controlled cake ovens, etc…  Don’t forget to wash your cookware in the ‘automatic washer’ down at the river’s edge.

~ Then you can lather up your bod and scrub the day’s grime off… just before retiring for the evening.  If we’re lucky we’ll hear the eerie sounds of the screech owl and the hoots of the hoot owl… and see an occasional bat flit through the firelight.  Watch superb fire demonstrations from hollow logs and special effects… thnx to Dave Wyatt’s legacy.  Fight off marauding bandits… the wild racoons that come out just after dark.  Warning: for protection, all women and children must stay in the center tents… near the fire.  The veteran He-Men who have survived previous battles with the bandits, will stand watch and protect those sleeping.  So just relax and fall asleep to nature’s ‘white noise’ sleep noise from the frogs, cicadas and crickets… interspersed with raccoon chatters or growls as they’re fought back into the darkness of the night.  Then wake to nature’s alarm clock… the whip-o-wils… at about ‘o-dark-thirty’, for an early start at a fresh new day.

~ During the day, we’ll rally the dam builders to work on the dam projects.  Swim, fish, skip rocks, catch a crappie bare handed… or just soak up some sun.  Don your swim mask and enjoy the underwater wonder-world of bass, crappie and an occasional scary-barracuda-looking billy gar.  We’ll assemble a major world class crawdaddy catching… and eating… delegation.  A few howls and screams… from a painful pincer/claw… are absolutely necessary in order to prove that we’re having lotsa fun.

~ Prepare for the mind (and body) numbing cold water ‘polar bear’ swim to the back of the spring cave.  This qualifies you to be a full-fledged and duly authorized member of the true He-Man International legacy.  And you will belong to the High Order of Dingbats… including several other very distinguished titles.  Your skin will turn red first… then blue… and then… O, well, don’t worry, the undertaker can fix that.  And we will also officially pronounce to you, “You are now more of a man than your mother!”

~ Join an intrepid expedition through the caves… at least the easy cave.  If we only lose one or two people in the easy one, we’ll then proceed to the harder one.  Brace your shivering self as you take a shower in the 12 foot water-fall in the cave entrance room.

~ Expect to get really good at spotting itching weed/nettles and poison ivy… remember, “Leaves of 3, let it be!”  If you don’t get good at spotting them… then expect to get good at wishing that you did. 

Or… ignore all of my gobbledygook and just relax, dial-down, veg out… and enjoy the R&R like most everyone does.  We have a ton of fun and lotsa hangout fellowship.

For pics, tips and quips check out the He-man Facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109356022452575&ref=ts

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested.

See you soon… if you’re not a city-fied scaredy-cat.  
Mark & Debbie

DPM Update – 2014 July

23 Jul

Dear Friends

Cross Creek Church Family camp
Deb and I spoke in a very rural retreat center located out in the woods on an inspirational scenic overlook bluff near Lebanon, MO.  These good folks are easy to love.

He-Man trip
Our 13th Annual He-Man Camping extravaganza gala starts tomorrow… Thurs through Sat (July 24-26).  It’s open to the whole family.  We’ll cook some pretty sumptuous culinary delights and ‘enter into rest’ while we re-create.  Remember, even God had to take a Sabbath rest… so that’s just what we’re gonna do, too.  Join us in southern MO if you’d like, on the Jack’s Forks River near Mt View, MO.

SD trip
We hung out with Dave and Ann Clark in San Diego a week ago.  What an great week with amazing cool God-times in churches, house churches, and the rooftop of a hotel in downtown SD… and lots of one-on-ones.
~Tues eve we had a great time of worship at City of Refuge administrated by David and Christine DeWitt.
~Wed eve was VERY over-the-top at Encinitas at Beach Chapel where Larry Peltier pastors… we’ll for sure be going back.
~Fri eve was a worship extravaganza (hosted by Dave and Ann Clark) where about 60 worshipers/leaders flowed together as one when then met on top of the St James Hotel… lots of freshness and freedom… cross pollination of many great worship mantels across the county.
~Sat eve was more than over-the-top in El Cajon at New Beginnings where Chris Leeper is leading his congregation into the more New Testament format found in I Cor 14:26.  Hadassah shared about her Daddy/daughter dance that she had with God the evening before on the hotel rooftop in downtown SD.  She had a ‘fever’… tears flowed as she relived the experience for us. That led to a ministry time for all who felt ‘orphaned’ and on their own.  Soon a most wonderful reconciliation occurred between a daddy and his daughter who was in her late teens.  Later they shared their story (with many happy tears by them and us) and then they actually danced together while the meeting continued. (wow… tender, tender, tender!!!!) And there is much more to the story… we may tell it soon… maybe even with pics.

Stay tuned for an ‘outside the walls’ outreach called ‘Love On San Diego’ in October.

MN Regional Leaders’ Roundtable
Barry Thompson organized a super-great 2-day ’roundtable’ with regional leaders in Tim Nelson’s bunkhouse in southern MN.  About 15 guys gathered for this overnight event.  Our topics; 1) grace, 2) the goodness of God, 3) our identity.  Realizing that we were all on a similar track made for lively interactive discussions.  We will definitely do this again!!

Supernatural Provision book
We’ve given away nearly 5000 copies of Supernatural Provision now.  Thank the Lord for His amazing provision enabling us to give them away.  We’ve been hugely blessed to hear the testimonies of transformation in people’s hearts and lives… literally complete life directions have been changed… and they found God to truly be the best Provider Daddy.  But we need to make a decision soon about the next publishing run.  Your prayer is appreciated.

Todd White video – on Job
Love doesn’t take, it gives. (about 19 mins long)

Need new eye glasses?
Here’s the best deal!!  For several years our family has purchased all of glasses through this online store where many great looking glasses are under $15… some even under $10 (including frames AND lens!).  At this price they are nearly disposable… no big deal when you scratch or bend a pair… or just keep a extra pair around.  If you have a current eye prescription (you can get an exam at Walmart for $59), use that RX and then save an additional 15% on your next purchase of glasses at EyeBuyDirect by simply using this code IFR3GIFNTP at checkout!

Our Itinerary
If you’d like to see where we have been or where we’re going to be, feel free to view our online itinerary.

Our love and blessings
Mark and Debbie
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