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Jesus did the ‘low-level’ stuff so we could have all the fun…

31 Jul

Jesus Christ was the Son of God and performed some pretty outstanding miracles, signs and wonders (water into wine, walk on water, heal the sick-lame-blind-deaf, read the thoughts of men’s hearts, raised the dead and raised from the dead, transfigured, etc).  All awesome supernatural stuff.  We think of this dazzling line-up of accomplishments as being the ultimate of spiritual Heavenly activity here on earth.  It’s the big stuff that books have been written about, that have elicited daydreams, motivated intercessions, inspired pilgrimages and church starts and compelled men to sacrifice their lives for nearly two thousand years.  And we aspire to this level of activity in our day, even if it’s only in theological agreement and believe that it’s only for a special few.

But Jesus says this spectacular line-up of miracles, signs and wonders is all low-level stuff… just entry-level works.  You say, “What?”   Well, sure!   Jesus made that clear when He gave us our blueprint mandate as He prophesied that we would do even greater works” than His power-packed line-up (see Jn 14:12).  In other words, Jesus was the first ‘jumper’ to clear the low-level bar.  He got things started so we’d know what was possible… hoping we’d be inspired to take it higher from there… by the Grace of God, of course.  He got things started by doing a few ‘first fruits’, knowing that He was “the first born among many” who were going to follow along behind (see Rms 8:29).  And He knew Apostle Paul and others would give us further instructions that His disciples hadn’t even read yet.  All this was going to make it possible for us to surpass all of our predecessors… even surpass Jesus.

And just so we don’t choke in disbelief over this ‘bigger-stuff-than-Jesus’, remember Jesus said, “If I tell you earthly things and you don’t believe, how will you believe if I tell you Heavenly things?” (see Jn 3:12)  And later He said, “I have many things to tell you that you cannot bear.” (see Jn 16:12)  So there really ARE things that Jesus never talked about or did… and He says, “These Heavenly things are your inheritance. Yes, I’m letting you guys have the fun… you get to do the greater stuff!!”

Folks, Heaven eagerly waits for those who will, by Grace, reach into the Heavenlies for their inheritance.  Jesus has given us permission to surpass Him in everything He did on earth.  Yes, to surpass Him.  This is our Promised Land, our destiny, our inheritance.