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Quote: What if God doesn’t seem to be supporting my ministry?

3 May

“But we leaders need to ask ourselves a few questions.  First, do we believe our all-powerful God is able to secure financial support for something he wants to move forward?  I think most of  us would agree the answer to this one is yes.  Now, here’s a harder question: If the funds are not coming in, is God really at work there? In some cases, the answer might be yes….  Sadly, though, in some cases the answer to that question might actually be no–even for a ministry dear to our hearts that seems to be meeting a need.  So if that’s the case, then the last question to ask is this: Do we really want to be pushing a ministry that God does not appear to be motivating people to support?”

Excerpt from ‘God Without Religion’ – Andrew Farley – pp 77-78