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Testimony: Huge Surprise – Mortgage paid off!

18 Oct

(This testimony is from a close friend)

Over 15 years ago, our family moved to another state to serve a ministry.  My wife and I felt like we should donate our small dream home to the ministry that we left.  Soon after, we purchased another home, by faith, using our retirement funds for the down payment.  We faithfully made payments for 14 years. 

Recently, some of our dear friends (a precious couple) approached us with a radical thought: they wanted to pay off the remainder of our mortgage of $100k.  We were stunned, surprised, BLESSED… and mindful of the house we ‘sowed’ into our eternal bank account many years before.  (This action set off a chain reaction of blessings not only in our family but in their relationship.)

Jesus said, “Lay up treasures in Heaven where moth and rust don’t corrupt and thieves do not break through and steal.”  It’s really true… our Heavenly Father is the very best ‘banker’ and pays the highest dividends.  Thank you, God!