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DPM Update – 2016 February

5 Feb

Dear Friends

Holiday family time
It was tons of fun having all of our kids and grandkids home for the holidays.  We’re so proud of them all!  

Clouds have silver linings
We didn’t have a white Christmas but we finally got some snow a few days later.  Which led to someone plowing into our minivan and totaling it.  Nobody hurt!  But as adventures in God go… just a little cash added to the insurance settlement and we were ‘back in business’ with an upgraded minivan.  God… He’s the best!!

New year fun already
We spent most of our time near home from Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Day.  And it was a needed respite, as we had traveled quite a bit from summer to mid-November.  But since New Year’s Day, we’ve been to sunny San Diego for a semi urgent God-mission… and then to the blizzard-ly Nordt Country on one of my ‘Holy Spirit’ tours. 🙂  God-missions are always exhilarating and rewarding. 

The will of the Father
Jesus said in John 4, “My food is to do the will of the Father.”  And it’s really true from our experience. 

It really doesn’t matter where you are   IF   your satisfaction and contentment is not derived from things and comfort zones.  Paul said it this way, “I’ve learned to be content in whatever state I find myself.”  And “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”  And, “I am all things to all men in order that I might win some.”  You see, Paul had matured to the point that life wasn’t about Paul.  He had learned to find his happiness in Someone higher.  

If ‘self’ is the center of our universe, then life becomes very small awfully quick.  We get bored with ‘self’… and then we get frustrated when others are not serving my ‘self’… which leads to a rocky life and relationships.  But when our objective is to frequently hear the much coveted, “Atta boy” from Father, then as often and wherever that occurs, that place has all the richness of ‘home’, at least for that period of time.  So really, home becomes where the “Atta boy” is.  And as long as we’re following Him wherever He leads… and eagerly saying “Yes” to His promptings, then life is an adventure of joys in a ‘home’ as big as this world… and beyond. 

Actually Buzz Lightyear got it right as he motivated us to go, “To infinity and beyond.”  Or if Buzz doesn’t inspire you, maybe John Wesley will when he said, “All the world is my parish.”   Just think of it… there are no limits to one’s happiness when our home is wherever He is… no matter what country we find ourselves in.  We live in a great country… Kingdom country, that is!

Grandbaby Hendrickson #5 is on his way
Announcing: Chris and Lydia have just passed ½ way on the way toward a home full of baby cries, diapers, coos, snuggles and joy.   Baby Shaw is due sometime in June. 

Take a de-stressor ‘pill’
Try this 1 minute video of pure relaxing… you may want to watch it twice.  I’m sure you Apple people will excuse the Android logo at the end.  🙂

Our love and blessings!!
Mark and Debbie

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