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DPM Update – 2015 March

19 Mar

Dear Friends,

Last week in San Diego and Tijuana was an amazing week
As expected, Dave & Ann Clark usually have some kind of God-‘swirl’ going on.  Tuesday evening at City of Refuge was amazing.  A team of college kids from TN were there to serve the ministry for a week. We joined them for a meal and worship time.  And O, my!  The body prophetic ministry, gentleness and tenderness in the room was off-the-hook good… many God-tears.  A distinguished SD business man was also a guest that evening.  His encounter was so tender and sweet that we couldn’t help but cry with him.  In addition, he experienced significant improvement from his painful neuropathic condition in his feet.  David & Christine De Witt are excellent at creating an atmosphere of liberty and love.

We attended the wedding festivities of our great friends David Ceja and Joys Kim Nava.  It was a two day event – first day in SD and the second day in Tijuana, Mexico.  I officiated in the Tijuana ceremony… with tons of fun and many tender moments of tears and laughter.

Sunday morning I spoke at Beach Chapel (Larry Peltier-pastor) in Encinitas, where they had joint services with Lifegate Comm Ch (Bill Burkhardtpastor).  I started out with a ‘blueprint’ passage in Eph. 4 to give them reference for where they fit into the big picture of what God was doing in the growing friendship between the two groups.  Then I felt like we were supposed to give Jesus the front and center attention by telling God-stories and simply giving our abandoned love to Him.  O, my!  Our hearts were so easily laid open and the oil of tenderness flowed so freely… we built a ‘bon-fire’ of love and affection for Him.  He melted us… and the by-product… our hearts were loosed from the ‘stuff’ of life.  Nothing else mattered… He was tangibly with us.

Then Sunday evening I shared a discussion time with Gary Goodell – leader of Third Day Churches.  Many leaders and friends attended to hear two fathers share their hearts.  Gary spoke on the epic shift that has been and is happening in the global church.  This sage and patriarch spoke from a deep well of experience and from prophetic insight.  I spoke on our most essential need… for fresh hunger for His presence… and how hunger is the best gift we could ever be given.  Hunger keeps our hearts in fresh communion with His heart.  I asked the same question Moses asked God, “What will distinguish us from the rest of the peoples of the earth.”  The answer: His Presence!  I had asked the Lord if He would help me ‘burn’… burn hot enough to be contagious.  And He did… He was with us!

Monday evening several of us traveled North of San Diego to a First Nations (Kumeyaay Tribe) reservation to join some really solid and on-fire patriarchs in a prayer meeting.  Johnny Villaboba is a spiritual father to many… not only in his tribe, but in other groups in the region.  He was fresh and free and ‘alive’ in God… and he knows how to pray!  The door is open… we will definitely be back.

That and a ton of other just good fellowship, made for an amazing week… another memorial to God’s fresh grace and Holy Spirit’s ability to lead the best Great Adventure, ever!!!

Europe trip
Deb and I just left for Norway and several other countries in Europe.  We’ll be gone for just under 5 weeks… we’ll send updates.  Your prayers and care are so GREATLY needed and appreciated!

Our love and blessings!
Mark and Debbie

Faith-based health care alternative to Obamacare
Another blurb in the news about health sharing organizations... which are exempt from having to participate in Obamacare.  With the deadlines and fines being imposed on Americans, this alternative is looking attractive to more people all the time.  Reference our name if you decide to use Medi-Share.  There is an incentive for any reference which results in a new membership.  Our family has been members since the late 90s and are happy to give it a two thumbs up.


DPM Update – 2014 July

23 Jul

Dear Friends

Cross Creek Church Family camp
Deb and I spoke in a very rural retreat center located out in the woods on an inspirational scenic overlook bluff near Lebanon, MO.  These good folks are easy to love.

He-Man trip
Our 13th Annual He-Man Camping extravaganza gala starts tomorrow… Thurs through Sat (July 24-26).  It’s open to the whole family.  We’ll cook some pretty sumptuous culinary delights and ‘enter into rest’ while we re-create.  Remember, even God had to take a Sabbath rest… so that’s just what we’re gonna do, too.  Join us in southern MO if you’d like, on the Jack’s Forks River near Mt View, MO.

SD trip
We hung out with Dave and Ann Clark in San Diego a week ago.  What an great week with amazing cool God-times in churches, house churches, and the rooftop of a hotel in downtown SD… and lots of one-on-ones.
~Tues eve we had a great time of worship at City of Refuge administrated by David and Christine DeWitt.
~Wed eve was VERY over-the-top at Encinitas at Beach Chapel where Larry Peltier pastors… we’ll for sure be going back.
~Fri eve was a worship extravaganza (hosted by Dave and Ann Clark) where about 60 worshipers/leaders flowed together as one when then met on top of the St James Hotel… lots of freshness and freedom… cross pollination of many great worship mantels across the county.
~Sat eve was more than over-the-top in El Cajon at New Beginnings where Chris Leeper is leading his congregation into the more New Testament format found in I Cor 14:26.  Hadassah shared about her Daddy/daughter dance that she had with God the evening before on the hotel rooftop in downtown SD.  She had a ‘fever’… tears flowed as she relived the experience for us. That led to a ministry time for all who felt ‘orphaned’ and on their own.  Soon a most wonderful reconciliation occurred between a daddy and his daughter who was in her late teens.  Later they shared their story (with many happy tears by them and us) and then they actually danced together while the meeting continued. (wow… tender, tender, tender!!!!) And there is much more to the story… we may tell it soon… maybe even with pics.

Stay tuned for an ‘outside the walls’ outreach called ‘Love On San Diego’ in October.

MN Regional Leaders’ Roundtable
Barry Thompson organized a super-great 2-day ’roundtable’ with regional leaders in Tim Nelson’s bunkhouse in southern MN.  About 15 guys gathered for this overnight event.  Our topics; 1) grace, 2) the goodness of God, 3) our identity.  Realizing that we were all on a similar track made for lively interactive discussions.  We will definitely do this again!!

Supernatural Provision book
We’ve given away nearly 5000 copies of Supernatural Provision now.  Thank the Lord for His amazing provision enabling us to give them away.  We’ve been hugely blessed to hear the testimonies of transformation in people’s hearts and lives… literally complete life directions have been changed… and they found God to truly be the best Provider Daddy.  But we need to make a decision soon about the next publishing run.  Your prayer is appreciated.

Todd White video – on Job
Love doesn’t take, it gives. (about 19 mins long)

Need new eye glasses?
Here’s the best deal!!  For several years our family has purchased all of glasses through this online store where many great looking glasses are under $15… some even under $10 (including frames AND lens!).  At this price they are nearly disposable… no big deal when you scratch or bend a pair… or just keep a extra pair around.  If you have a current eye prescription (you can get an exam at Walmart for $59), use that RX and then save an additional 15% on your next purchase of glasses at EyeBuyDirect by simply using this code IFR3GIFNTP at checkout!

Our Itinerary
If you’d like to see where we have been or where we’re going to be, feel free to view our online itinerary.

Our love and blessings
Mark and Debbie
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