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DPM Update – 2014 June

14 Jun

Dear Friends              

Chris and Lydia are married!!  
It was a great wedding day with lots of pomp and circumstance and fun festivities in Redding, CA.  The months of detailed preparations by Debbie, Lydia and others finally came together.  And by all reviews, the 250 guests had an amazing time.

Chris and Lydia just arrived back home from their honeymoon.  I’m sure there will be official pictures soon, but here are a few snapshots.  Pic#1  Pic#2  Pic#3

Lydia’s the last one to get married.  Whew!!!  Now Debbie and I can make decisions without having to ask our kids… we’re foot loose and fancy free!!!  😉   But actually, we’ve been empty-nesters for about 4 years… now we’re enjoying the new ‘crop’ of grandkids.

Picture collage of Chris & Lydia shown at their wedding reception (about 7 mins)

Upcoming Schedule

~ New Day Church here in KC on June 15 (tomorrow)

Cornerstone Church – Prairie du Chein, WI – June 22

Living Well Faith Comm Church – Wausau, WI – June 26-29
(Love of God Extravaganza)

~ Simon’s house church – Hixton, WI – June 29

Cross Creek Ministries – Family Camp – Lebanon, MO – July 3-4

~ Dave & Ann Clark – San Diego, CA – July 7-14

~ Dick’s house church – Mt Lake, MN – July 19

13th Annual ‘He-Man’ Camp (for families) – Mt View, MO – July 24-26

~ West Coast Bread of Life Family Conference – Murrietta, CA – Aug 22-24

Regional Leaders meeting – Springfield, MO – Aug 30

Women’s Aglow Conf – Greenlake, WI – Sept 12-13

Johnny Wang & Shelley Wu Wedding – Acadia, CA – Sept 14 

Upper Midwest GL meetings – Rochester, MN – Sept 29-30

~ ‘Kiss San Diego’ – San Diego, CA – Oct 8-18

Everybody say it with me: Change is fun!!
As you are likely experiencing, our understanding of: abounding grace… our Father’s love for us… and our own identity, has shifted immensely over the last few of years… and continues to shift.  Everything is moving so fast that it’s like we’re surfing a mega-wave and feeling the raw power of these transformational revelations… and we’re watching in exhilarating wonder as the theological scenery radically changes around us.  

When I saw this pic below, it impacted me how we’re on an epic ride of our lives.  We have our floaties and goggles on and our mouth is agape in total exhilaration.  Master Surfer Daddy has created an astounding wave of abounding grace.  He helped us find the wave and He’s riding it with us (guess who’s in control)… and He’s got us totally covered.  Wow!

Hang on for the ride of our lives.  As the Mario Bros. video game says, “Here we go!!!”Riding The Abounding Grace Wave

For more on Surf’s Up….

This little piggie went to market…
Last week I officiated a wedding in Iowa for a great couple, a fun family and at a beautiful outdoors venue.  And guess what?  They gave us a whole butchered, packaged and frozen pig.  Is that fun or what?!!  Beyond being totally grateful for having all that meat in the freezer, getting a pig is tons of fun purely for the conversational aspect.  We remember in the ‘old days’ both of our parents would receive gifts of farm products (meat, eggs, milk, garden produce, canned goods, etc) for their pastoral services.  It was always a great then… and it is now!!  We’ve already had some good eatin’ and I can already taste the pork steaks on the bbq grill, soon!  You gotta love how Father provides.

Nailing the male/female problem:
Women want a guy to just listen and understand while men just want to fix the problem…  http://youtu.be/-4EDhdAHrOg (approx 2 mins)

Salute to US Veterans
Memorial Day is just behind us and today is Flag Day in the US.  In honor of those who have served our country, watch this deeply moving ‘no-words’ video:  http://youtu.be/uoABty_zE00 (approx 1 min)

Lotsa love

Mark and Debbie

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