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Testimony: Vial of oil refills

14 Jan

Vials of oil from Bible

(From a pastor friend, Earl Ackley.)

Before leaving for a ministry trip to South Africa, I felt the Lord prompt me to take a vial of oil given to me by Mark Hendrickson.  He had heard that Pastor Cesar Nieto had a Bible that constantly leaked oil.  Mark and other leaders visited with Cesar, examined the Bible and confirmed that the manifestation was genuine.  The bible continually leaked oil without damaging the pages. 

While in South Africa, Greg Odell, a leader in the church had a birthday and we all prayed and prophesied over him.  I felt like the Lord said, “Pour the oil on Greg’s feet.”  I anointed his feet with half of the oil in the vial.  Afterward I handed the half full vial to Greg and said this was for his wife.  He handed it back to me and said he wanted me to anoint her.  When we came to the church for ministry, Greg’s wife asked if I had the oil with me to anoint her feet as well.  When I pulled it out of my pocket we were all amazed that the vial was full to the top!  So, after anointing her feet with most of the oil in the vial, I set it on the floor.  As soon as I did, Greg picked it up and exclaimed, “Look, it has just filled to half full again!”  I gave some of the oil to the pastor, some to Greg and anointed 10 more people with the rest of the oil.


Oil from the Bible


Every page glistened with oil

Sounds a lot like the Old Testament story of a similar miracle (I Kings 17:16).  Thank you, Lord!