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SP True Stories: God’s will is God’s bill

6 Dec

True stories of supernatural provision…

SupernaturalProvision2 In April 2012, after reading a copy of Supernatural Provision that I gave to my daughter Joanna and son-in-law Ben, they understood that God was calling them to move from Elk River, MN to Redding, CA so that Ben could attend BSSM (Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry at Bethel Church).  By August, God provided for their needs in such amazing ways that at months end they left with their two little girls.  Ben is now in his third year as a worship pastor intern and God continues to supply their needs in wonderful ways.

My wife Leslie, and I first visited Bethel Church in 2009 for a Leaders Advance with other leaders from our church.  We are amazed at what we experienced and only in our wildest thoughts did we think we would be able to come to Redding and be part of God’s activity here.  As we watched Ben and Joanna grow in the Lord during their time at Bethel we began to think and talk about this for ourselves.  On Sunday in October 2014 during morning worship at our home church, God spoke to Leslie that it was time for us to go to Redding.  As we talked and prayed about it, God began doing amazing things to provide for us to move and attend BSSM.

We said “Yes” to God to make the move before we had the funds to do it.  We trusted in His provision and by the time we needed to pay for our tuition for the two of us, Leslie received a very timely family inheritance.  That money, along with some help from our church and friends, made it possible for us to move to Redding in July and be ready for 1st Year BSSM in September 2015.

After arriving in Redding, I found that I really wrestled with the idea that I hadn’t contributed one cent to this venture.  I wasn’t busy bringing home the bacon, like I had done all my life.  To top it off, all the busy days of getting our home ready to rent out for the year, packing and moving had now come to an end.  I found myself without anything to do but… rest in the Lord and enjoy our time together.  During this time God pointed out that it was “inheritance” that brought us to Bethel.  Not just the financial inheritance but our spiritual inheritance in Father God.

We have been here for 5 months now, and the Lord continues to amaze us with His love and care.  From watching the Lord’s provision for our family, ourselves and hundreds of Bethel students, we now know for sure… God’s will is God’s bill.


DPM Update – 2012 September

29 Sep

Dear Friends

Introducing Avalee Joy Hendrickson
Our son Markus, and wife Allison, have a new ‘bundle of joy’ (pun intended).  Avalee was born August 22th, weighing 7lbs 7oz and was 20” long.  A couple of weeks ago, several of our family and extended family rallied in Franklin, TN to meet our beautiful granddaughter and celebrate her arrival.  Baby, mommy and daddy are all doing very well.  As I held her I told her that I can hardly wait to take her out on a date and buy her an ice cream cone and do the really special stuff that Grandpa’s do.  I’ll probably have to wait just a little while for that occasion, but will be checking in frequently.  We’re super excited about having two grandchildren now.  Things are picking up….   🙂   (Family pic)

Redding, CA with Deeper Waters team
Debbie and I were in Redding for the last two weeks.  On this trip Bob Hartley, Michael Sullivant, Jeff Lovett, and Deb and I traveled together.  The team stayed in Rolland and Heidi Baker’s house which is about 30 minutes north of Redding, sits on top of a mountain and has a stunning view.  There’s nearly a 360 degree view from the geodesic dome house.  Wild deer came up and ate food right out of your hand.  One night we encountered a fox and a bear while driving up the mountain. Several days the northern California’s wildfires created a diminished view, but even so, the panorama was therapeutic and refreshing which made this location a perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle.

Bill and Beni Johnson made us all feel very welcome… even entertaining us on their houseboat one afternoon and inviting us to their staff meetings.  We led one of the chapels in Bethel’s elementary school (BCS), a session in the House of Prayer and a session of Bethel’s ministry school (BSSM), hosted four over-the-top house church meetings in the Baker’s home and had many excellent one-on-one meetings with various leaders.  Each meeting was so inspiring and filled with HOPE!  The prophetic words Bob shared over individuals were quite remarkable and occasionally I followed up with a personal song over them.  Luke & Lydia accompanied us most of the worship times. There was unusual favor, love and care given and received by all on this trip.

Family Reunion
Next week our family will be in Branson, MO for a reunion of our extended-family.  This is a highlight of fun, nature, family.

Northland Trip
We plan to be in the Northland for the middle of October… attending the RAIN conference (Oct 10-13) in The Cities and then ‘making the rounds’ in MN and WI as the Lord leads.

Recent testimony
A pastor from TX was enamored with the testimonies of the healing anointing at Bethel but was very turned off by the extra-normal manifestations that sometimes occur… gold dust, feathers, etc.   So this pastor told his associate pastor that he was going to go to Bethel church and get the healing anointing but was not the least interested in the other stuff.  As he was talking to his associate pastor, gold began to appear on his face and hands.  This was rather startling to him, so he called his wife and told her what was happening.  While he was on the phone with his wife, she interrupted and said, “It’s happening to me also!”  Later that day at the family dinner table the same thing happened with the kids.  And to top it off, gold dust appeared on the family dog’s paws.  Needless to say, the pastor was overwhelmed, made the trip to Bethel a few days later, attended a staff meeting and exclaimed, “I’m here… and I want it ALL.”    Is that fun or what?!

Thank you for your sincere and hope-filled prayers for us.  We truly appreciate your care… and your prayers for our health, families, schedules, relationships… and our hearts.

Much love

Mark and Debbie

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