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DPM Update – 2015 March – Norway

2 Apr

Dear Friends

Norway report
Yesterday was our last day in Norway… and leaving tugged at our hearts… leaving us a little sad.


Travel… 23 hours on a plane and sitting in an airport…   Even an overnighter somewhere over the North Atlantic with about 200 friends.  Hmmm… my bed at home sleeps much better.20150324_115714

On the flight from Oslo to Bergen, Norway, the pilot did a 5 minute 360 degree circle so that everyone could try to get a glimpse of a nearly total solar eclipse… it got a little darker but there were too many clouds to see much.

Bergen… Most everyone speaks English as a 2nd language in Norway so it’s very easy to converse.  Our hosts took us around the city and up on a mountain overlook to see an amazing view of the city harbor and beyond.   We’ve had several house church meetings with great results, tears, joy and lots of prophetic ministry.  We ministered at Jesus Fellowship Bergen on Sunday afternoon… it was wild, fresh, free, with lots of Holy Spirit kinda stuff  🙂  And then we ministered one whole school day at Veien School of Ministry which is connected to BSSM and is friends with IHOPKC.  In fact, in most groups we’ve met people who have been to both Redding and KC.  In each meeting we felt like we were ‘at home’.

We were mildly surprised and delighted to find that there are radical Jesus lovers and Holy Spirit carriers in Norway.  In fact, we felt as much Holy Spirit activity here as about anyplace we’ve been.   Go God!!!

Voss… is a beautiful little cozy town nestled around a mountain valley lake.  The scenery is stunningly beautiful.   Traveling from Bergen to Voss you pass through 39 tunnels.  Tunnels are very common, because of the sheer mountainsides on all the fjords.  Really, there is very little flat ground anywhere… it’s mostly steep granite mountains on the Western side of Norway.

Our hosts took us on a sight-seeing trip to a very comfortable mountain cabin… although we had to walk up a snow covered lane too steep to drive.  Three feet of snow base plus drifts made for a gorgeous scenery.  We crossed several fjords on ferries which gave stunning views of snow-capped mountains on all sides… and crossed one mountain top where snow was 12 – 15 feet above us on both sides of the car… deepest snow we’ve ever seen.

The 4 day Outcry conference which started Friday is the first significant worship and prayer conference in Voss.  They have had revivals in the land off and on for nearly one thousand years… much more spiritual history than the US.  But this is the first time that sustained worship and prayer seems to be finding a foothold in the society.  Our hosts have been supporting a prayer house for about 7 years… in fact they moved to Voss from Bergen to start a new ‘work’ here.  I believe Outcry is a good omen of positive changes ahead.  God met us with much favor.  Everyone commented on how good it was… love was in the air… worship didn’t want to stop… and hungry hearts responded eagerly. 

Norway is crazy beautiful!!!  It’s people are very sincere, but only about 5% Christian (and that is higher than most European nations). And Jesus is awakening some to a fresh radical reality in God… and they are stepping out into society and literally bringing a shift to their culture’s norm.  Outreaches and ‘treasure hunts’ are getting more common all the time.

It has been a huge delight to fan the flames of really great people who are hungry for ‘more’ for themselves and their country.  It has been great occasion for relationship building and getting the feel for what God is doing here.   After almost 2 weeks in Norway and feeling the Heaven’s favor everywhere we went, we would be delighted to return here again!

Our ‘family; had just expanded in the last two weeks… and so yesterday, it was kind of sad to have to say good-bye.  A very special thanks to our hosts, Oystein & Sigrid Hilleren and Bruce & Ellen McKibben!  Thank you for caring for us so well.  We love you!!!… and all our new Norwegian friends!!!

Check our ‘Europe 2015’ photo album on Facebook for lots of pictures:

Debbie and I are on an overnight date (parts of two days) sightseeing in London.  FUN!

Lotsa love

Watch a very short video clip as Sindre prophesies in rap over Norway in one of the clinics in the Outcry conference.  So fun!!