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DPM Update – 2018 May – Asher’s health

1 May

Dear Friends

Asher – sudden ailment
Our family has been going through a little health test with our youngest grandchild, Asher Mark.  It all started on April 2, 2018 in the early evening, after John put Asher to bed.  At about 9:30pm he woke up crying.  After trying to console him, John and Cheryl soon realized this was not their typical Asher.  He couldn’t move his arms!  His arms were completely limp from his shoulders to the tips of his fingers.  He had just been playing with his 3 siblings a few hours ago.  No injuries.  No recent sickness or vaccines.  No indicators.  No warning signs.  So Asher was immediately taken to the ER and ended up at Children’s Mercy Hospital downtown, Kansas City.

No diagnosis
After 3 days of intensive tests including MRI, spinal tap, numerous blood works, steroids and 5 days of IVIG treatment the doctors had their suspicions, but were baffled.  It’s been over four weeks now and they still don’t have a confirmed diagnosis.

Asher is beginning to make remarkable progress, thanks to prayers from around the globe.  He’s doing physical therapy daily and we’re confident that small movements will lead to bigger movements… which will lead to full mobility!  Can you say, “Amen!”

As the symptoms began to be identified on the first day, the natural reaction would have been to be overwhelmed and devastated.  But we felt much grace to coach our hearts to stay in solid confidence in the unwavering goodness of God.  Our whole family lives in the favor of the Lord.  We remind each other frequently and attribute it all to God’s unmerited goodness.  Since that is a solid component in our hearts and minds, we haven’t let this circumstance ‘derail’ us and pull us down into a pit of helpless darkness filled with “O my’s”, “Why me’s” and “What ifs”… which would be exactly what the devil would love.  The devil is the origin of this ailment… and he is a loser.  He ain’t no match for our Great Big God!  So… no plaintiff beggar prayers allowed!  From that place of security in His favor, we began to make declarations of restoration of health and wholeness into Asher’s body… and we do it each and every day!

The cool part is that God has promised to work all these things together for our good!  Now is that amazing, or what!!!  This is another miracle story in the making!  Soon, we’ll tell the full story with great gratitude, just like all the other great trophies God has on His “Heavenly mantle”.

I find it quite interesting that the doctors can’t find a diagnosis.  Doesn’t that just sound like the Lord to not let our minds get ‘pigeon-holed’ with any negative mindsets associated with a stated malady?  This way, our hearts are kept unfettered to believe for supernatural healing… and I believe that we’re well on the way to seeing that happen.  We’re very grateful for the expert medical care Asher has received… but even though they still can’t find an answer, we all know the Great Physician has him more than covered.

Asher has made progress nearly every day for the last couple of weeks.  He’s beginning to move his forearms and wrists… and has varying amounts of movement in most of his fingers.  Thank you, God!!!  Recently, Asher got out of the hospital and will continue ‘out-patient’ physical therapy at both Kansas City Children’s Mercy Hospital locations for an unspecified period of time.  He will likely receive another MRI in a month or so.

Thank you
We are deeply grateful to everyone for the many prayers and the gracious supportive comments sent via Facebook, email, text and phone.  You have been a great inspiration!!!  And we believe that together, by the Grace of God, our prayerful declarations are reversing a temporarily troublesome issue in Asher’s body.

For about 18 days John or Cheryl were at the hospital nearly 24/7 with their youngest son.  It has been a challenging time with 3 other young children (6 years old & under) at home, juggling work, family time and all the other life responsibilities.  Regarding finances, they believe insurance will be covering the majority of bills.  But Asher is home now and we’re believing that the family will be able to return to normal in the not too distant future..

Thank you so very much for your continued love, prayer, gifts and care for John & Cheryl and their family!!!!  If you have encouraging words, they would love to hear from you on their Facebook pages.

Declare with us that God will complete the good work that has started in Asher.

Love and blessings
Mark & Debbie

PS Check out this video for Asher’s current (2021) miraculous status and a cool God-story.

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A couple ‘Grand’ announcements…

12 Feb

Dear Friends

We have a ‘Grand’ announcement to make: We’re grandparents again… and again!!!

The grandbabies are popping like rabbits…

This last month we experienced a significant expansion of our tribe… two more healthy males to carry on the Hendrickson name.  For Debbie and I, that makes a total of 7 grandchildren, 4 years old and under… the more the merrier… and they’re a ton of fun.


Samuel Isaac
January 6, 2017
8lbs 15oz – 21”
Markus and Allison’s second child


16387157_10154846207170761_1061228170996636491_nAsher Mark
January 16, 2017
8lbs – 19”
John and Cheryl’s fourth child

Everyone is healthy; mommies, babies and daddies.

Join us in a toast to many more Hendricksons. Hoorah!!!

Lotsa love
Mark & Debbie