Rewrite the script

20 Aug

Stories to Inspire

God cannot be contained in time nor limited by time.  God is bigger than time because He made time!  He’s the God who can answer before we even call (Isa 65:24; Matt 6:8).   And since in the Spirit realm there are no space or time limitations, then it’s well within His capability to re-do or rewrite something in our past – and thereby set things in motion to change our future for the better.

Well, a good friend who wants to remain anonymous, had an unusual encounter along these lines.  Her story below serves to enlarge our faith that God is bigger and more unlimited than we imagined.  AND the cool part is that He wants to take US into these unlimited spheres with Him.  He’s freeing us up from being “mere humans”.  He’s untethering us from earth-bound-ness as we learn to ascend… and He’s introducing us to the expansiveness of the non-time and non-localized realities of the Heavenlies.

Rewrite the script 

“Many years ago, when I was pregnant, I took a prescription drug for morning sickness.  It was discovered years later that this drug caused birth defects and serious health complications to the unborn babies. When my daughter was just three she had to have reconstructive organ surgery.  

“Shortly after she was married, she and her husband wanted to have children.  Earlier, doctors had discovered a congenital heart valve prolapse,  so they decided to do a battery of tests to evaluate her health for pregnancy. For approximately a week, she wore attached wired sensor pads and a monitor under her clothing to track her heart health.  

“One day during that time, quite by surprise, I was overtaken by the Lord.  In the Spirit, He escorted me back to some of my daughter’s early childhood experiences where I had not responded well to her.  One-by-one I relived each occasion.  Instead of having the response I had at that time, I ‘REWROTE THE SCRIPT’!  In each instance, I responded with compassion for her and the appropriate wisdom that met her where she was as a tender-hearted little girl.

“The encounter was uninitiated on my part, yet a very impacting, detailed and vivid experience for me.  I full-heartedly embraced what the Lord was doing through me, for my daughter.  Later, The Lord helped me understand that each of these occasions was a strongly impacting time where fear of surroundings, fear of rejection and fear of lack – found their way into her soul and even eventually compounded the severity of her congenital challenges.   

“Well, after the tests were completed, my daughter called and reported, ‘Mom, the doctors say that the issues that they had seen with my heart, ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE!’” 

“Thank God!  I believe He took me back in time… so that I could REWRITE THE SCRIPT and change the future.  Isaiah 57:15 says God inhabits eternity – and time.  By rewriting what happened in her past, it healed her heart in the present.  The lives of my daughter and grandchildren are living proof that God is bigger than time and He is not limited by time or our past.  He can work within it, or outside of it.  There’s no difference for Him… or for us… if we can just believe it.  That was nearly 12 years ago.  My daughter and son-in-law now have two amazing naturally-born children.  Thank God for His love and goodness.” – JS



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  1. blueagle1 August 20, 2020 at 8:02 PM #

    Thank you Jesus! Thanks for sharing!

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    […] Well, for starters check out a post on my blog of how a daughter was physically healed without knowing that her mother went back in time and “rewrote the script.” […]

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