DPM Update – 2019 Sept – Shefa / Outpouring

3 Sep

Dear Friends

Debbie & I will join Dave & Ann Clark this month for another trip to Israel.  We’ll pick up where we left off in our benevolence mission… as well as reconnect with our growing and dear friendships.  In our recent trips, we’ve made some deep relationships which have been mutually inspiring.  There can be no mistaking of Heaven’s guidance and God’s presence among us.  We’ve all felt God’s delight as we dialog about matters of the heart and share personal God-testimonies.  It’ll be a joy to see them again.

The following is just one of our many bright points in our recent trips to Israel.

We’ve become very good friends with an amazing 21-year-old young man by the name of Ezra, who describes himself as a modern orthodox Jew.  He is the great-grandson of an almost legendary rabbi, Ovadia Yosef (Obadiah Joseph), who died in 2013.  Nearly everyone in Israel knows of Rabbi Joseph and reveres him as a rabbi of almost royalty status in modern times… his picture is even posted in many Jewish restaurants.

Ezra gave Dave and I a tour of his prestigious yeshiva (religious school) Yeshivat Birkat Moshe, where he has studied with 200-300 young men for about 5 years.  We were very warmly welcomed by the rabbis, and then Ezra showed us the sizable library where some books date back 500 years.  The prolific writings of his photographic-memory great grandfather, are there in a collection that looks like rows of encyclopedias.

The really amazing part about Ezra is that he loves to dialog on any topic and easily relates it back to the Torah, Tanakh, or Talmud.  This was of special interest to us because we loved hearing his explanation of the original content and original intent of the Bible passages.  Beyond that, Ezra carries himself with much decorum and talks with ease about any topic.  One such topic was his explanation of the times we live in.

He called this present time that we live in, the “World of Process”, which might be described as the time in which man is in the process of being perfected.  He went on to say that the next world is called the “World to Come” which can have two possible meanings: after we die… or when Messiah comes.  That time is where all the ‘supernatural’ things found in Holy Scripture will occur again.  He further elaborated that the afterlife “World to Come” is not bound by time.  It is outside of time – bigger than time – so it will be and has ALWAYS been, existent.

After discussing a few topics, I asked, “What caused men of God in the Bible to experience the supernatural things, such as miracles, healings, prophecy, etc?”

Ezra said it was when they experienced the “stream” (his own word/description) out of God that they were empowered to do these unusual things.

So I asked, “How would you describe the “stream”?”

He said, “The best Hebrew word is probably Shefa.  There are lots of words to describe Shefa; such as abundance, wealth (not earthly), the flow of goodness, blessing, benefit, Divine ‘flow’, emanation or influence, etc… but the best English word is probably “Outpouring”!”

I was impacted deeply upon hearing this, because the word Outpouring, is the exact title we sometimes use to identify our Christian moves of God which are accompanied by the supernatural!  I described how we experience some of those Biblical supernatural phenomena and actually ‘reach’ for those phenomenon experiences as one of our core values.  I said that one of the common predicating factors for many of these outpourings is HUNGER… hunger for this intimate experience and for ‘breakthrough’ empowerment.

A rabbi’s description of Shefa
“Shefa is actually, on the broadest level, the flow of goodness that comes to our world from the higher planes of existence.  Shefa comes as a blessing and has many forms.  The Shefa, on one hand, is sent down… by divine direction, but on the other hand is drawn down to our level by need, by circumstance and in response to human action.” –
 Rabbi Fisdel

So I asked Ezra if he believed that Shefa can be experienced today.  He said, “We will experience Shefa when the Messiah comes… in the “World to Come”.  It will certainly be much easier to experience then.”

To that, I had to ask, “But if the afterlife “World to Come” is ALWAYS existent… and men of old have already experienced these “streams” and “outpourings”, then we too, should be able to experience it now, right?”  After a short pause, he concurred… and his exact words were, “We must learn to live in the stream.  It is the most amazing thing and the highest level of our existence.”

I could tell that this was a topic that was very dear to him, but one that may not be in mainstream conversations.  Shortly, I realized that my own heart was being strangely stirred.  I explained to him how I knew that I was having a mini Shefa, right there in the car.  Our discussion was so precious at that point that tears filled my eyes and I felt to prophesy over him that he was going to find himself drawn into the discovery of how to live in the “stream”/Shefa of God… that this quest would grip and consume him.  I continued, that his faith for this would rise as God gave him milestone experiences to surely take him into this kind of reality.  And he would be used to enlighten others about the validity of experiencing the “stream”/Shefa in their lives, too.  He was deeply moved and with great thoughtfulness responded, “I hope so.”

That evening was very encouraging for all of us.  Upon parting ways, Dave & I spoke blessings over him.  He sincerely acknowledged that this had been a most impacting experience.

We’re very happy to have met Ezra as he is a valuable resource of rich insights of original Biblical passages, but even more, I’m very proud of him and grateful that he counts us among his friends.  We’ve had several very meaningful exchanges since then and without a doubt, we will continue rewarding and stimulating exchanges for years to come.



8 Responses to “DPM Update – 2019 Sept – Shefa / Outpouring”

  1. jbx2@tds.net September 4, 2019 at 11:10 AM #

    Dear Mark & Deb, have a great trip. Have you met Rabbi Jonathan Cahn yet? We watch him on YouTube spell bounding sharing. Also watched Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Salvelle & recently Derick Prince a minister with getting rid of demons & curses. Oh, had you ever met Wayne Pferdehirt? He died while hiking in the John Muir Trail in CA. His funeral is tomorrow @ BlackHawk Church in Madison, WI. We will not be going so we are asking our younger daughter Jeni to represent us.

    Shalom in the mighty name of Yeshua,

    Jerry & Judy

    • Mark Hendrickson September 4, 2019 at 3:33 PM #

      I may have read about him in the news. I’m sorry to hear about that. God bless the Pferdehirt family!!!!
      Blessings to you both!!!

  2. Mel Wild September 4, 2019 at 1:27 PM #

    Experiencing the “stream.” I love it! And God is live-streaming from heaven 24/7!

    Have a great adventure in the Stream in Israel!

    • Mark Hendrickson September 4, 2019 at 3:28 PM #

      Man! I was so pumped… touched me unusually deep. I’m reaching for some ‘stream’ realities and hearing this boosted my faith immensely.

      Yes, God is the original live-streamer. “From Him, through Him and to Him.”

      Eager to join you all at Cornerstone on Dec 8. Good times ahead.

  3. Karen Brownlee September 7, 2019 at 10:14 AM #

    Hello Mark,

    So significant that you shared this journey with “Ezra” as Dan and I were just beginning to read the book of Ezra as part of the Iowa Bible Reading Marathon!

    I shared a little of your conversation with Ezra, and the “Shefa” with the Iowa 4 Jesus Prayer Call this morning (Sat, 9/7) and thought I’d send your email to the leader, Greg McCall to see if he’d like to share it with the others (all powerful prayer leaders over Iowa.) Thought I’d make sure that’s okay with you ❤️

    Would love to connect again if you’re ever back in Dallas City!

    Karen and Dan Brownlee
    319-572-8404 cell/text


    • Mark Hendrickson September 7, 2019 at 10:46 AM #

      Karen & Dan

      Sure. I secured Ezra’s permission before I posted it.

      And here are a few more ways of saying it.

      Each ‘dispensation’ offers an easily accessible unique grace that is available to the masses. But the eternal realm realities are always available, despite the dispensation, for those who are hungry and willing to press in.

      God is based in the eternal realm. He is timeless. But He can also move inside of time. We can tap into any reality from the eternal realm regardless of the dispensation we’re living in. Ask Enoch, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus, etc.

      Would be fun to reconnect again someday.
      Love, M&D

  4. friendoftheking11 September 9, 2019 at 11:14 AM #

    Thank you for the update. I loved your encounter and friendship with Ezra. Beyond exciting how God is connecting people and releasing His treasures to those who’ll carry it to the nations and people around them.


    • Mark Hendrickson September 9, 2019 at 1:26 PM #

      It’s a wonderful adventure in process. It’s fun looking for the common threads that join our hearts and create bridges of friendship. Much love to you and yours!!!

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