Reblog – Jesus Christ is how we understand ourselves

15 May

A good friend Mel Wild, posts some profound insights and foundational Christian imperatives.  A recent post on his blog In My Father’s House, addresses a vital aspect for living the overcoming Kingdom life as a believer.  I was going to write a post on this subject but I don’t think I could say it any more clear or succinct.

Our Father’s desire is that we see ourselves the way He sees us.  The Bible says that His perspective of us is staggering… likely more than is easy for us to believe.  I don’t think this topic could be overstated. 

Here’s an excerpt from Mel’s post: 

In the gospel stories where Jesus is ministering to sick people, who do you identify with…the sick person, the disciples…or Jesus?

If you answered, “Jesus,” you would be correct.

I think it is nearly impossible to live in victorious, co-heir, co-ruler realities if we don’t get this powerful truth awakened in our belief system and exercised in our actions. 

Got your attention?  Then click on Mel’s post: Jesus Christ is how we understand ourselves



2 Responses to “Reblog – Jesus Christ is how we understand ourselves”

  1. May 15, 2019 at 8:57 AM #

    Dear Mark, thanks for the latest BTMAP. Judy & I will do Mel’s post. How are you & Deb? Miss sharing with you guys.

    Shalom in the mighty name of Yeshua,

    Jerry & Judy

    • Mark Hendrickson May 15, 2019 at 6:02 PM #

      Mel comes up with some great stuff. This one was just too simple and powerful to not pass along!

      Hope you all are doing well.

      Lots of grace and favor to you both!


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