SP True Stories: Payback for what the devil stole

22 Jun

(from a friend)

I was ordained into ministry in my early twenties.  During my ordination service, a woman come up and had a zip lock back of coins and a few dollars.  She said the Lord wanted her to anoint me with this small bag of money and said as long as I would serve the Lord He would provide for my financial needs.  She then proceeds to pour the bag of money over my head and prayed over me.  After the prayer time was over I picked up every single coin and dollar bill.  I don’t know how much money I picked up but I would estimate it to be around $25.00.  I keep it in a jar on my desk as a constant reminder of God’s promise of provision over my life.  I was tempted on many occasions to use the money when times were tight but each time I resisted the urge.  Over the past 12 plus years this little jar of money has seen me through many lean times yet His promise always came through.

I currently pastor a church in north central Wisconsin.  My jar of coins sits on my desk as a constant reminder of the everlasting promise of God over my life.  Unfortunately, the church was broken into over the Easter weekend and a small amount of money was stolen.  I came into the office on Monday to find my jar of money had been among the items stolen.  I was thankful the church had not lost much money in the burglary but I was upset that my jar of money was stolen.  I knew it didn’t have any magical powers but that was a tangible item that represented a history of God’s faithfulness in my life.  As I peered into the empty jar I noticed there was one penny stuck to the bottom of the jar.  I just shook my head in disappointment.

Around the same time my coin jar was stolen a friend of mine asked me to write a book endorsement for a book she was working on. I agreed and sat down one day and wrote the endorsement for her.  Several days later I received a thank you note in the mail from her with a check for $2500!  That’s 100 times what was stolen!!!  As I sat in shock reading the thank you note and staring at the check, the Lord whispered to me, “You may have lost your jar of coins but you haven’t lost My promise or favor over your life”

Several weeks later a member of my church brought a large bag of coins from his house for my empty coin jar.  My coin jar continues to sit on my desk full of coins and now contains a lesson that His promises and favor over my life are not something that can be taken from me.

God is Good All the Time!


4 Responses to “SP True Stories: Payback for what the devil stole”

  1. Mel Wild June 23, 2017 at 10:17 AM #

    Awesome. I love God’s economic system!

    • Mark Hendrickson June 25, 2017 at 3:12 PM #

      Amen!!! Life and life more abundantly. Rest for our weak, weary and heavy ladened souls. That’s better than anything protocol or norm the world has to offer!!!!

  2. sherryoliversblog June 29, 2017 at 2:23 PM #

    Mark, I always enjoy reading your posts. They are just so encouraging. The notice of your new blogs comes in the list of all the notices from Facebook so I don’t always see it. When I see the notice I jump in and binge read all the blog posts I’ve missed. Thanks for sharing all these testimonies and the wisdom God has given you. – Sherry

    • Mark Hendrickson June 29, 2017 at 2:45 PM #

      Thanks so much Sherry. And it’s a blast to write them. I love who God is… and what He does. And I love telling His stories. Besides preaching, this blog is one of my main ways to communicate my passion and my insights. To make sure that you receive them when I post them you may want to subscribe by entering your email in the little window near the top right of each post. The Lord bless you with fresh encounters and good health!! Love M&D

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