DPM Update – 2016 November

4 Nov

Dear Friends

Grbabies on the way
We found out recently that Markus & Allison… and John & Cheryl are both having sons.  More boys, YAY!  Long live the Hendrickson name!  🙂  So in January, we’ll have a total of seven grand-children, all four years old and under.  Wow!!  Now that’s what I’m talking about. p-1824-636_grandkids

Crazy Testimony!!
John and Cheryl just had an amazing God-thing happen in their lives.  They now own and live in a house about 1 block from us.  You will love reading about this crazy cool God-story (click here).

Click here for more short and encouraging testimonies.

Real-time healing
This audio recording is of a man making a public speech at the very moment he was healed of a voice debilitation.  He had sought medical help for years to no avail.  Go to about [4:30] in this audio clip to begin… and somewhere around [6:30] the healing occurs.  The theology expressed is questionable, but our good God just loves to show off (Click here).

Recent ministry trips
In October I was asked to co-speak with Ray Hughes at Culture Changers Conference in Joplin, MO.  He’s a blast and the presence worship was great.

Several weeks ago, Debbie and I made an 11-day ‘exploratory’ trip to visit friends in Evergreen, Colorado Springs, Ft Collins and Parker, Colorado and Laramie, Wyoming.  Of course it was great to connect on their turf!!!  But to also connect with their friends, groups and churches, just made it that much better.  End result is, we’re confident we’ll be going back to do more of the God-stuff with our friends.

An unexpected joy was meeting my distant relative Ellen Buck, in Ft Collins and enjoying God together in one of the meetings.

Last week, Debbie and I spent 4 days in Chicago at the Face to Face HUB conference.  Always fresh and free… a little ‘shake and bake’ and SO MUCH FUN.  We helped lead worship times and prayer times.

Next weekend I’m back in SW Wisconsin for a men’s retreat.  Everyone needs a get-away like this… and God always does something very special.

The following week, it’ll be a blast joining our family and extended family in Branson for a 5-day reunion. 

Presidential election
As you know, a most critical election is upon us.  I have no problem saying these two candidates and party platforms are starkly opposite in most every way.  And even though both candidates are flawed, it’s blatantly clear which platform supports our Judeo-Christian heritage.  In a break from my norm, I decided to make postings for one week only, of ‘the way I see it’.  If you’re interested, read my Facebook posts this last week before elections. This election is huge!

Lance Walnau on Trump
Lance is a well-respected man of God and very savvy on the global scene.  This 27 minute video will offer some insights you may not have considered about Donald Trump as a unlikely tool in the hand of God.

He just published a book: “God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling” by Lance Wallnau.  Read the first chapter of his book for free here.  Or purchase it on Amazon here.

Happy voting!

Our love to each one of you!!!
Mark and Debbie

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2 Responses to “DPM Update – 2016 November”

  1. Theresa Turnbull November 8, 2016 at 6:10 AM #

    God is so GoOD!!!!!!!👑✝️
    How I rejoice with all of you!👏👸🏻

    • Mark Hendrickson November 8, 2016 at 9:16 AM #

      Theresa, I know that you’re like me… I always love hearing another great testimony. It enhances my faith for it to happen again in my own life… and it raises my awareness of God’s intervention and activities in our world. He’s big!!!

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