SP True Stories: He’s the Best Banker

5 May

About two years ago the Lord blessed my wife and me with a large house to live in rent free for as long as we wanted.  We had just sold our previous house and used the proceeds to remodel our new residence.  It took a little over $15,000 of our own money to remodel of this house.  Near the end of the project, God presented us with an opportunity to move out of state and pastor a church in Wisconsin.  After prayer and too many God signs to ignore, we happily left our newly remodeled rent free house behind.  It sounds crazy but there was not one feeling of regret concerning all of the money I just put in the house we were leaving.  I had peace that it was seed money and God would bring about the return when I needed it.  He always does.  IMG_0830

A few weeks ago, I was asking the Lord about that $15K we left behind.  I was day dreaming about the when and how’s of God bringing that seed money to fruition.  

Without my knowledge, the church board members felt like I needed a new vehicle and they found one for $11K.  They asked if I was OK with their pick and then informed the church that they intended to receive an offering the following Sunday for our vehicle.  After the Sunday service a man asked me to follow him out to the parking lot and showed me a fully loaded 2007 GMC Denali Yukon SUV with 78K miles.  He said the Lord had been dealing with him to give it away.  After he worked it out with the board, I am now the extremely grateful owner of a very nice vehicle valued at about $22K.  

A $15K ‘investment’ yields a $22K return.  Hmmm!  All I’ve got to say is: The Lord is the best ‘Banker’ ever… because He gives the best ‘returns’ on all our investments!



One Response to “SP True Stories: He’s the Best Banker”

  1. Brian Spence May 5, 2016 at 12:10 AM #

    Wonderful ! Love it!


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