SP True Stories: God’s rainy day plan

23 Feb

True stories of supernatural provision

I recently had to lay off a few people in my business.  One of the jobs I had to take over again was accounting.  I discovered an account with $24,000 in it that I didn’t know I had.  I told my wife how cool it was to have an extra reserve when we needed it.


God’s rainy day provision plan

However’s, God had another use for that money.  My son was recently admitted to a dual diagnosis treatment center for mental health and chemical addiction.  He is now at home recovering.  When we discovered that the cost for that facility was exactly $24,000, I was surprised.  I realized that God allowed us to see the provision for the cost of this facility just a few days before we had to write the check.

Instead of remorse for seeing that money fly out the window, I had to reframe my mind and emotions to praise the Lord for His provision!  I praise God for the miracle He provided for us!   He is our protector and provider! He is YOUR provider and protector!  Praise to the Lord!


If you have a short story of surprising provision, I’d love to share it here.  Send to: hendrickson@dpmkc.org  – Mark 

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