SP True Stories: God’s will is God’s bill

6 Dec

True stories of supernatural provision…

SupernaturalProvision2 In April 2012, after reading a copy of Supernatural Provision that I gave to my daughter Joanna and son-in-law Ben, they understood that God was calling them to move from Elk River, MN to Redding, CA so that Ben could attend BSSM (Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry at Bethel Church).  By August, God provided for their needs in such amazing ways that at months end they left with their two little girls.  Ben is now in his third year as a worship pastor intern and God continues to supply their needs in wonderful ways.

My wife Leslie, and I first visited Bethel Church in 2009 for a Leaders Advance with other leaders from our church.  We are amazed at what we experienced and only in our wildest thoughts did we think we would be able to come to Redding and be part of God’s activity here.  As we watched Ben and Joanna grow in the Lord during their time at Bethel we began to think and talk about this for ourselves.  On Sunday in October 2014 during morning worship at our home church, God spoke to Leslie that it was time for us to go to Redding.  As we talked and prayed about it, God began doing amazing things to provide for us to move and attend BSSM.

We said “Yes” to God to make the move before we had the funds to do it.  We trusted in His provision and by the time we needed to pay for our tuition for the two of us, Leslie received a very timely family inheritance.  That money, along with some help from our church and friends, made it possible for us to move to Redding in July and be ready for 1st Year BSSM in September 2015.

After arriving in Redding, I found that I really wrestled with the idea that I hadn’t contributed one cent to this venture.  I wasn’t busy bringing home the bacon, like I had done all my life.  To top it off, all the busy days of getting our home ready to rent out for the year, packing and moving had now come to an end.  I found myself without anything to do but… rest in the Lord and enjoy our time together.  During this time God pointed out that it was “inheritance” that brought us to Bethel.  Not just the financial inheritance but our spiritual inheritance in Father God.

We have been here for 5 months now, and the Lord continues to amaze us with His love and care.  From watching the Lord’s provision for our family, ourselves and hundreds of Bethel students, we now know for sure… God’s will is God’s bill.


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