SP True Stories: Big reduction of hospital bill

16 Nov

True stories of supernatural provision

Cut medical bill by 94%CutBill

Despite the scheduler’s assurance that ALL my husband’s medical procedures were approved by our insurance, the claim was processed as “out-of-network” and we had a balance due of $6000.  We went through the appeal process with our insurance carrier and it was denied.  The best outcome they offered was a $500 per month payment and that was not within our budget.

Someone from the hospital’s accounting office called and asked about the application for financial assistance.  We said that we were not interested in applying for Medicaid.  She assured us that was NOT a requirement.  But then we were told that our income is too high to qualify for financial assistance.  I said, “We are willing to pay what we owe on this bill, but we need a lower payment until we pay off another hospital.”  She replied “Let me talk to my supervisor.”

After a few minutes, the supervisor asked us to tell her the backstory, so we went through the whole thing including how we were told that our insurance had approved using this hospital for the procedure.  She said “Let me see what we can do.  In the meantime, I’m going to move this balance back into insurance pending.  That will keep it from going to collections.”

Approximately three weeks later, I got a phone call from the supervisor. She said the hospital had decided to reduce the bill 94%… the balance due went from $6000 down to $355!   WaaHoo  Thank You, Jesus!!


— MLH 


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