SP True Stories: Surprise retirement windfall

4 Nov

True stories of supernatural provision

Completely unexpected ‘early-retirement’ windfall

A long time good friend, conscientious engineer and family man read my book Supernatural Provision a few years ago.
At that time his job was great and it was difficult for him to find the relevance of the book in his life.  We talked about it and encouraged him with, “Don’t worry… celebrate that your life is good and you’re happy.”

But a couple years after this meeting he called saying that his job was going to terminate him and would incrementally reduce his salary to nothing over a 3 month period. My friend wanted to get together to talk over this supernatural provision thing.  We met to talk about developing a mindset to approach the unknown future.  At the end of 3 months his employer wanted to keep him on as contract labor… during which time he submitted resumes to many companies without any responses.  He tried valiantly to rest in God’s care for him and their family… and although there was not a financial crunch, it was difficult not to get into anxiety. windfall-300x250

About 6 months after he found out he was being terminated, he received a letter from a company that he had worked for in another state, 15 years earlier.  The letter requested him to call a company phone number to settle financial issues with that company.  He figured this was just a standard form letter because when his time was over there, he was sure that he had tidied up all his financial issues with the company.  But a week or so later he received an email to the same effect.  So on a lark and expecting nothing, he called the number only to discover that he had a retirement policy still in force.  The company wanted to know if he was going to wait until retirement to use it… or if he wanted them to buy him out… to the tune of $45K.  He decided to cash out.

Needless to say, this windfall was completely unexpected and a huge installment toward believing in the good care of a good God.



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