Process Toward Maturity – Living In Our Inheritance

9 Feb

I’m frequently asked by sincere and eager people how to get started in this life of walking by faith… because even though the mystique and intrigue of this faith walk is quite attractive, it can be difficult to get traction on something that is so ethereal.  

To walk in our inheritance, is shockingly simple… 1) become a son (generic, of course) and 2) learn to walk as sons unto our Father.  (which includes being humble enough to believe what He says about Himself… and about us)  Well, that was pretty simply stated, wasn’t it?  But this simply stated concept doesn’t always translate into a tidy ‘nuts and bolts’ definition and course of action.

So without trying to saddle us with another ‘law’ to keep, I’ve offered some steps to get started… something that I hope is ‘bite sized’ enough to begin meaningful and measurable forward movement.  This is not comprehensive, nor is it a one-size-fits-all.   So you may have to exercise some initiative to search the matter out for yourself.   

I also get this comment regarding living in Father’s provision, “Mark, its easy for you because you have a ministry.”  So I quickly point out that I don’t receive a salary, don’t have a pulpit or church, don’t ‘cold-call for bookings’, don’t require honorariums, don’t send out fund raising letters, give all our product away, and try to happily serve everyone we’re with.  That’s not exactly conventional wisdom’s equation for success… nor is it even commonly acceptable wisdom in religious circles.  But even though it’s definitely a spiritual walk, I believe it involves some basic practical components in order to realize our inheritance.

After a little disbelief and further explanation, they follow with, “Ok, so how can I get started?”  I respond by saying it boils down to 1) living in Heaven’s favor… which is best facilitated by learning to 2) serve – God and His people.  Yep, S-E-R-V-E… this little word is more profound than anyone would expect, yet it’s so simple that many won’t take it seriously.  Even Jesus spoke of it quite strongly…

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. – Matt 23:11

Some people comprehend easier if they can see the ‘big picture’…. in other words, how does what I do today fit into a long-term outcome?  So in order to visualize the dynamic of transformation that occurs as we engage in the process of maturing and aspiring to live in our inheritance, I’ve created an outline and graphic.

Provision Chart

To download this graphic and the outline notes which accompany it, click here: Process Toward Maturity

Disclaimer:  Don’t take me wrong.  Serving can never earn sonship, right standing with God or security in the love of God! (Titus 3:5)  Serving expresses our love inspired response to God and our desire to grow up in Christ. (Eph 4:14-15)

For more on this journey into maturity, you may want to read my book Supernatural Provision, which conveys our Father’s desire to be Jehovah Jireh in all areas of our lives.  He’s a good Daddy and believe it or not, it is His “good pleasure to give you the kingdom” – Luke 12:32.


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