DPM Update – 2014 December – Merry Christmas!

22 Dec

Merry Christmas
and the happiest New Year, yet!


About 2000 years ago in a sleepy little town of Bethlehem, God revealed Himself on earth in a human body.  That fact is amazing.  But even more amazing is that because of His life here on earth, He now reveals Himself in you.  Jesus didn’t come to just be Emmanuel… God WITH us… much more importantly, He came to make His home IN us.  He revealed the mystery that was hidden for the ages… the treasure in our earthen vessels which brings us glory… is Christ in you! 

Now for the really Good News: You are God’s address… He has made His home in you. M&D - 14

Much love from the Hendrickson family to you and yours!

Mark and Debbie Hendrickson


PS.  For a little Smile Time, scroll down…. (video about 2 mins long)








Sweet Baby Jesus


One Response to “DPM Update – 2014 December – Merry Christmas!”

  1. Mel Wild December 22, 2014 at 4:23 PM #

    What a strange video. 🙂 And amen. We’re God’s address. He is with us and in us!
    You and Debbie and family have an awesome Christmas!

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