DPM Update – 2014 October

11 Oct

Dear Friends

Leaders advance
Recently I was one of the guest speakers at a leader’s advance at Destiny Church in Rochester, MN.  As always, it was a great time of fellowship and fanning the flames… and maybe ‘pushing the envelope’ just a little bit.  🙂  Rod Marquette and Connie Marquette and their team are the best hosts of these quarterly Bethel Global Legacy meetings.  These meetings are always full of life, love and koinonia.  I love these leaders because they’re reaching for the freshest things in God and extend much liberty to explore outside the ‘normal’ box.  Lots of freedom and fondness in this group.

San Diego/LA trips

Deb and I just spent a couple days with part of our Asian ‘family’ in Impact Harvest Church (Jack & Annie Lee-pastors) in Monrovia, CA.  They’ve adopted us as Mom and Pop for the last 7 or 8 years… and it’s been a great joy to walk with these young people as they become adults, get married and begin their own new families.  We’ve had some amazing God-times and many just good heart times… like the last (2) nights where we met for a no-agenda house church that had lots of participation, that included lots of laughter and some tears… and a mid-week worship evening that was easy, tender and so ‘homey’.  Paul said, “You have ten thousand teachers but not many fathers.” (I Cor 4:15)  We love our ‘job’… loving on Jesus and loving on His favorite people.  

SD / Area leaders
There has been much grace on our times in San Diego.  God has given our good friends Dave and Ann Clark, a gift for finding divine connections.  Over the last 6-8 years we’ve met many great leaders, but in the last 1-2 years a shift seems to have taken place in SD.  Several key area leaders are rising above the religious political system.  They’re freely crossing denominational boundaries and opening their churches to the free move of the Spirit despite their past denominational affiliations and potential ‘kickback’ from those who may not be supportive.  And it’s changing the spiritual climate of SD.  One group is reaching for a more New Testament blueprint of gatherings.  Another group is hosting midweek meetings where substantial miracles are common place.  Another group hosts a midweek meeting where the pastor says (somewhat facetiously), “My job is to be the person in control to make sure that nobody is in control.” I love that.  We’ve had amazing God-times in each of these places and with other out-of-the-box groups in SD.  It’s very rewarding to watch our friendships grow.

SD / family
This next week several of our family members (John & Cheryl and boys… and Chris & Lydia) will meet us in SD.  We’re going to be full time ‘on call’ to be about our father’s business.  Father’s business will quite likely take us to roof tops, night clubs, restaurants, on the streets, in house churches and formal churches.  Never a dull moment when you’re on the The Great Adventure.  It’ll be a blast to ‘do the stuff’ with the fam again.  (Check out John’s testimony about the last time he was in SD – below!)

Supernatural Provision book update
It’s been a most fun ride to live and write about a breakthrough of grace for ‘sweat-free’ provision.  We’ve fulfilled our contract with Destiny Image Publishers, by purchasing 5000 books since SP was published.almost 3 years ago.  Those books have all been given away (free or for the cost of shipping)… with the exception of less than 75 books remaining.  It’s been amazing to watch how each time we needed to make the next purchase, God miraculously created provision – nearly $25k (Read about a crazy provision miracle in this DPM Update).  We’re always amazed to hear the testimonies of bonafide and radical breakthroughs from people who’ve been impacted upon reading the book.  Each life changing story is another tribute to the power of this revelation.  

But now, we’re faced with another decision:

1)    Should we order a second pressing of Supernatural Provision?
2)    If so, how many should we print?

Your prayers are greatly appreciated… Like everything else in life, we need to hear what God’s heart is for the future of Supernatural Provision.

Cool Story – by Mark
Not long ago, a friend and I went to Bass Pro restaurant to have lunch.  We had been there about 1-2 years ago.  When we arrived, a waitress, who I didn’t recognize, walked up and energetically hugged us as we sat down.  She called us by name.  I exclaimed “How did you remember our names?”  She said that when we met her last, she was so impacted that she thought that we might have been angels… until she saw my buddy walk in a few times after that.  

She was very depressed that last time… I could see it in her eyes.  Then she told me the word I gave to her when we first met her.  I remembered what I had said… it was a word of hope for freedom from heavy and hurtful things that had happened to her.  Well, when she reminded me what I said last time, that led to something new for her this time.  I said, “Your eyes are brighter this time… like you’ve had a breakthrough and something has been lifted off of her since the last time.  She exclaimed, “You’re right.  I’m different.  I started going to a Bible study after you came last time.”  Then she kind of sheepishly asked, “Do you speak in tongues?”  We said, “For sure.”  She said, “I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, too.”  So cool!!!  

That led to a very heartfelt and free conversation over a bunch of stuff.  We were so proud of her and celebrated her personal breakthroughs.   Another waitress walked up and so we prayed for both of them; for healing, personal breakthrough and their children.  It was quite a God-moment!

When I paid the bill I knew I had to give her a ‘gem-bomb’ (A ‘bomb’ of over-the-top kindness).  I gave her $50 tip for a $30 dinner bill.  She looked at it and said, “Why did you do that?!   You will never know how much God that is!!!”  And she continued, “Just this morning, my son said, ‘Mom, I need $50 for my drama class.’”  She said, “Son, you’re killing me.  Where do you think I’m going to get that money?!”  She was incredulous and nearly cried several times during our conversation.  It was a very tender moment for us, too!  We exchanged contact info and she wants to come to something we’re doing soon.  Now ain’t that a cool story?

A Fun Story – by John Hendrickson… Sept 2014
Recently, on the last evening of my stay in San Diego, I was inspired to head out and play djembe in the downtown Gas Lamp Quarter.  I found a spot on the street across from Urban Outfitters.

I got situated in my position and started with about 3 min of ‘warm up’ patterns.  As I look to my side… about 25 ft away this homeless couple with their dogs, were already positioned to make some money and I noticed some possible frustration in their eyes.  I INSTANTLY assured them with my lips, “Any money I make right here will go directly to you!”  They seemed shocked and said, “Oh, sure keep playing dude.”

Five mins passed and I got my first $5.  While I’m still playing, I looked over at the homeless guy and say, “Come and get it.”  He’s again kinda stunned and takes it and goes back to his spot on the sidewalk.

I adjust the groove a bit and more money comes in.  A few guys start free-styling in front of me as I smile and interact rhythmically with their explicit-lyric-filled rhymes. They too hand me money.  I call my homeless friends over again, this time the guy sends the girl to get the money.  As she comes over I give her $8 and say, “Jesus is thinking about you tonight and He wants to bless you.”  She was very happy and went and sat back down.

I continued playing for a bit and his dogs start to sing with my drums.  Then more of his homeless buddies came over and he yells, “My dogs are singing with you dude, don’t stop, they love you.”  All 4 of these friends left smiling.

As I was feeling my grace was up for this area, this guy comes by and tells me, “There’s a guy down the street that can hear you and would really like to meet and play with you.”  So I thought, I guess that’s my cue. 

I moved to this new/busier location where this guy had 3 djembes, 2 chairs, a blanket with tarot cards laying out and singing bowls.  As he was finishing a tarot reading, I said to him, “Lets jam!”  He said, “You’re the guy from down there?”  I said, “Yeah, let’s do this.”  He said, “Right on!”… We played about 1 minute and someone walks up and drops 5 bucks in this guy’s hat!  He instantly was shocked cause he hadn’t gotten anything the last hour sitting out there!

I instantly thought, “I could use a little ‘show off my God’ right now.”  So I said, “I’ve got a deal… look at your watch and within 10 mins someone will drop money in the hat again.”  Sure enough 7 mins goes by and it happens.  I said to him again, “Look at your watch.  Within 5 mins more, money will be put in your hat.”  Bam MORE!  I said to him, “I’m showing you that this is all deeper than making money or telling peoples’ fortune.  Its about you being filled/happy and bringing happiness around you…”  This hippie dude is freaking out!  I told him again, “Look at your watch.  Within 4 minutes you’ll get more in your hat.”  Within 2 mins someone comes and asks him directions.  He precedes to direct him and the guy drops $5 in the hat… and this drummer guy looks at his watch and says, “That was 3:59 seconds!”

I said to him, “The God I know doesn’t need these cards, the bowls, or the crystals… All of this for you tonight was a kiss from Him… to let you know that He’s thinking about you and hasn’t forgot about you and that you are His friend.”  He was just losing it in such a good way, saying he’s been prophesying these things over others when all he ever wanted was somebody to tell him the same thing… He was in a zone of awww.

Then someone comes across the street and starts looking me up and down while he’s holding his guitar.  I soon motion him over and stand up eye level with him.  He says, “Do I know you?”  I said, “You look so familiar… but can’t place a name.”  Long story short, I didn’t know him.  This whole time we haven’t lost eye contact and so I said, “What’s your name?”  He answered “Inka.”  He asked my name and I responded, “John.”  He said, “My name means John.”  We still haven’t lost eye contact and I was thinking this guy is very unique!   

I’m going to jump out… I said, “John/Inka, you are a man that is changing lives and you’ve seen them changed.  People are never the same once they meet you.  You are different.  You are unique and John you have a destiny that’s bigger and better than you could ever imagine right now.  Lives will be changed because of you and what He (as I pointed up) will do through you.”  We never lost eye contact and in the middle I noticed his eyes starting to glisten over slightly.  I said, “You believe me don’t you?”  He shakes his head and says, “Yes, I do” (The hippie djembe guy is freaking out and saying, “Dude I’m getting goose-bumps ever since you came over here!”)  I said, “Tonight is your night and Jesus is reminding you that he hasn’t forgot about you.  You are His, He’s excited about you and wants to know you better!”  Stunned, dropped-mouth face… both of them.

I sit down for a second and he says, “Do you smoke or drink?”  I said, “I don’t smoke, but I did have 1 beer 3 hrs ago…(which I kinda felt like he was seeing my Christian level or something).  I instantly said, “Would it matter if I had 3 or 10?  After all, you just want the truth, which is exactly what I spoke to you.”  He said, “No, it doesn’t matter, I WILL believe anything you say, John!”  I could tell he was still watching me while I was talking to the hippie for a second and I said, “Inka, I want to hug you, not because I need it (he moved in for a hug) or cause you need it, but Jesus wants to give it to you tonight.”  After a semi-long hug and more encouragement in his ear, he then wanted to put money in the hat.  I said, “Keep your money, this is all for you tonight.”

By the end of a little over an hour that night, I made 6 new friends, encouraged the wits out of them and helped them make over 35 dollars… God had all of their phone numbers.

Norway trip in March
A year or two ago we became good friends with Oystein and Sigrid Hilleren,  a wonderful couple from Norway.  They have a house of prayer in Voss, Norway.  They’ve asked us to help guest lead a conference for them in March 2015.  In addition, it looks like we will be sharing in a bible school and several other places in Norway … and in Switzerland, on that trip.  More on this God-adventure soon!

Jesus Is Emmanuel – Music video
A very moving music video depicting Jesus involved with everyday people with everyday lives.  (approx. 4:18 mins)

Is the world better or worse than 100 years ago?
Here are 50 reasons why we’re living in the greatest period in world history

Lotsa love

Mark and Debbie
Dwelling Place Ministries
11011 Olive St
KC, MO 64131

Web: www.dpmkc.org
Blog: www.marklhen.wordpress.com
Mark FB: www.facebook.com/marklhen
SP bk FB: www.facebook.com/spforu


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