DPM Update – 2014 April

28 Apr

Dear Friends

Kauai trip final
We’re back home from Kauai. When we left the temperature was 7 degrees and I had just used my snow blower to remove the snow from our driveway a few days before. When we returned to KC, the dogwood, red bud, ornamental pear and fruit trees are in blossom and the grass needs mowing.  Maybe we side-stepped  the last part of winter.  

It was an amazing good trip.  We felt like the Lord really gave unusual favor in island relationships.  Enough that we felt like we’ll be returning sooner next time.  In fact when we arrived at the airport to leave the island, our flight was overbooked.  So we volunteered to take a later flight.  United Airlines put John, Cheryl, both babies, Deb and I up in a beach resort for the night… AND gave the 4 of us a free one-way flight back to HI.  Sounds like the Lord to me!!!  🙂  Of course it will be up to the Lord to get us back home to KC.  I love His ‘Higher Law of Blessing’ strategies!!!  

This time we ministered in 2 new churches… the jail… and over 25 house church meetings or gatherings in 42 days.  We also met with the mayor of Kauai, met one-on-one with different pastor’s, met in pastors’ prayer meetings several times and participated in a Seder meal.  John and Cheryl also ministered in other churches.  I love this quote that I heard from a friend: “We love what we do and do what we love!”   To view pics from our trip.

Video of house church in Kauai
View video of one of our house churches
here. (about 54 mins long)

Supernatural Provision book – Indonesian Translation
When you cast your bread upon the waters you just never know where it will end up… or in what corner of the world it will flourish.  I recently received a couple of copies of the Indonesian Bahasa language translation of Supernatural Provision.  God bless the Indonesians!!  To see the
book cover and for more info,

Upcoming wedding – Lydia and Chris
Deb and I are home for a couple of weeks… then we’ll go to Redding, CA on May 5 to make final preparations for Lydia and Chris’s wedding on May 18.  Debbie and Lydia are spinning their wheels… crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s… to make sure that all the details are coming together.

Bob Jones Memorial – on-line video stream
As you know, beloved friend Bob Jones passed away on Feb 14.  Click here to view as Rick Joyner hosts a celebration of Bob’s life.

Video of soldiers returning home
Careful!  Viewing
this video will make your eyes drip.

Lotsa love

Mark and Debbie
Dwelling Place Ministries
11011 Olive St
KC, MO 64131
Web: www.dpmkc.org
Blog: www.marklhen.wordpress.com
Mark FB: www.facebook.com/marklhen
SP bk FB: www.facebook.com/spforu


3 Responses to “DPM Update – 2014 April”

  1. Mel Wild April 29, 2014 at 7:18 PM #

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Can’t go wrong loving Jesus on Kauai! Blessings.

    • marklhen April 29, 2014 at 10:33 PM #

      Hawaiians need Jesus too, you know!!! 🙂

      • Mel Wild April 29, 2014 at 10:49 PM #

        I’m with you there, sipping on a big lemonade looking out on Hanalei bay. 🙂

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