DPM Update – 2014 February

9 Feb

Dear Friends

We have some big news!  Our daughter, Lydia is getting married!  Lydia and Chris will tie the knot on May 18 in Redding, CA.  They met about 4 years ago while both were attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.  As you can imagine, wedding plans are in full swing.  We’re grateful for your prayers regarding the details and planning ahead!  Thank you!.

Honduras trip
It’s way too cold and too many snow storms around here, so Debbie and I and our friends, Deb and Daryl Billings are getting out of here!  We’re going south… and ministering in Honduras for the next couple weeks… leaving Feb 13 and returning Feb 27.  We’ll minister in a conference of pastors in San Pedro Sula one weekend… and then in local churches in the region.

We’ll also visit an orphanage and ministry base of our friends, Tom and Theresa Stamman, in Comayagua. When I’m in a poverty stricken area, I like to visit the poorest of the poor where my heart gets tenderized in the most wonderful way.  I’m eager to meet Jesus among the orphans again.  So as much as we’re going to transport some good ‘cargo’ to the Hondurans, I’m confident that we are going to experience our own heart enrichment from them.  Isn’t God good in that way!

If you would like to financially help these orphans and poor, we’ll make sure that 100% gets applied to them in very tangible and practical ways.  Use Paypal if you like.

Video for fun
This little girl says her bedtime prayers and pretty much preaches her whole theology.  It’ll make you smile.  About 7.5 mins long

For your inspiration
One of my latest blogs: Our New Prayer Posture: Declare / Prophesy  The old beggar identity is extinct and the plaintiff prayer posture is obsolete.  Download the latest 4.0 upgrade of ‘declare’ and ‘prophesy’… the new prayer M.O. of our future.  We might as well get used to it!

Another post Anatomy Of A Reformation, offers definition and perspective to the radical shifts that have been happening in the Church at large.  It’s quite likely that you’ve felt the thrill AND the uncertainty of this reformation.  Not to worry… it’s a God-thing.  The dissatisfaction, the hunger for more, the risks of questioning, the testing of new ideas and ways… it’s paying off.  It’s happening… this radical shift is credible and real!

Lotsa love

Mark and Debbie
Dwelling Place Ministries
11011 Olive St
KC, MO 64131
Web: www.dpmkc.org
Blog: www.marklhen.wordpress.com
Mark FB: www.facebook.com/marklhen
SP bk FB: www.facebook.com/spforu


2 Responses to “DPM Update – 2014 February”

  1. Tammi Reimer February 9, 2014 at 9:33 AM #

    1st of Elated Congrats on the big announcement! Thrilled for the Kingdom, for Lydia and her beau ♥♥ match made in Heaven, and for you and Deb and family! May His Kingdom come through this union! Also rejoicing in news of your upcoming trip. I know Tom as well. I don’t have PayPal :(. Do you think if I sent gift to you tomorrow it would reach you? I really would love to send sweet offering along…. 🙂 any suggestions?! Love to you and yours!

    • marklhen February 9, 2014 at 6:41 PM #

      Thank you Tammi. This sounds reminiscent of 2006 when you sent a small coin purse with us to give someone who needed it when we went to the Philippines. We found this most wonderful widow and her family all living in shantytown in Cebu City… and Oooo did we ever have the most wonderful encounter with Jesus there. You can read about ‘The Little Palace In Shantytown’ here: http://wp.me/p23r7p-67

      So, I’d say, put it in the mail as early as you can tomorrow. If it gets here by Wed eve, great! If it doesn’t you can just tell us and we’ll see that amount gets to the right place!

      How’s that!
      Lotsa love

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