Quote: Watchman Nee’s Radical Grace

14 Oct

12 Grace quotes from Watchman Nee’s book: ‘The Normal Christian Life’

1. “Grace means that God does something for me; law means that I do something for God.  God has certain holy and righteous demands which he places upon me: that is law.  Now if law means that God requires something of me for their fulfillment, then deliverance from law means he no longer requires that from me, but himself provides it.” (pp.155-6)

2. “So we can say, reverently, that God never gave us the Law to keep: he gave us the Law to break!  He well knew that we could not keep it.” (p.158)

3. “The Law requires much, but offers no help in the carrying out of its requirements.  The Lord Jesus requires just as much, yea even more (Matt. 5:21-48), but what he requires from us he himself carries out in us.  The law makes demands and leaves us helpless to fulfill them; Christ makes demands, but he himself fulfills in us the very demands he makes.” (p.161)

4. “What does it mean in everyday life to be delivered from the Law? At risk of a little overstatement I reply: It means that henceforth I am going to do nothing whatever for God; I am never again going to try to please Him.  ‘What a doctrine!’ you exclaim.  ‘What awful heresy! You cannot possibly mean that!’  But remember, if I try to please God ‘in the flesh,’ then immediately I place myself under the Law.” (p.164)

5. “God’s requirements have not altered, but we are not the ones to meet them.  Praise God, he is the Lawgiver on the Throne, and he is the Lawkeeper in my heart.  He who gave the Law, himself keeps it.” (p.166)

6. “Though the Law in itself is all right, it will be all wrong if it is applied to the wrong person.  The ‘wretched man’ of Romans 7 tried to meet the claims of God’s law himself, and that was the cause of his trouble.  The repeated use of the word ‘I’ in this chapter gives the clue to the failure.” (p.169)

7. “We think of the Christian life as a ‘changed life’ but it is not that. What God offers us is an ‘exchanged life,’ a ‘substituted life,’ and Christ is our Substitute within.” (p.180)

8. “From start to finish, he is the One who does it all.” (p.172)

9. “It does not matter what your personal deficiency, or whether it be a hundred and one different things, God has always one sufficient answer, His Son Jesus Christ, and he is the answer to every need.” (p.182-3)

10. “Many Christians endeavor to drive themselves by will-power, and then think the Christian life a most exhausting and bitter one.” (p.189)

11. “God must bring us to a point – I cannot tell you how it will be, but he will do it – where, through a deep and dark experience, our natural power is touched and fundamentally weakened, so that we no longer dare trust ourselves… At length there comes a time when we no longer ‘like’ to do Christian work – indeed we almost dread to do things in the Lord’s Name.  But then at last it is that he can begin to use us.” (p.261)

12. “We have spoken of trying and trusting, and the difference between the two.  Believe me, it is the difference between heaven and hell.” (p.183)

Taken from Paul Ellis’ blog, Escape To Reality  (1/2/11)

‘The Normal Christian Life’  by Watchman Nee can be found here on Amazon


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