Quote: No More Milktoasts!

25 Sep

Too long have we Christians thought we were supposed to be
self-effacing, withdrawn milktoasts;

we were not supposed to assert the glory of God;
we were not supposed to walk with our heads high;
we were not supposed to be what we were supposed to be —

reigning with Him even now, in life,
masters of our passions and our appetites,
masters of sin,
masters of satanic insidious attempts to invade our territory,

beating them off with royal flourishes,
not condescending to scuffle with him in the dust,
but bidding him to be gone in the name of Jesus,
rising to walk with dignity as those who are
kings and reign in life by One, Christ Jesus

— Ern Baxter


One Response to “Quote: No More Milktoasts!”

  1. melwild September 26, 2013 at 1:13 PM #

    Ooh, that’s a good one.:) I like Ern Baxter. When are we going to realize that the milktoast “us” was nailed to the cross, and “being humble” is agreeing with how God sees us, not how we see ourselves.

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