DPM Update – 2013 September

10 Sep

Dear Friends

Very special announcement!!
We have a new family member:  Eli Franklin Hendrickson, John and Cheryl’s second son– a family of four.  That makes grandbaby number 3 for us… and of course that’s all the more grandbabies to love!!  Cheryl had a near miraculous easy delivery… only 3-4 hours long, no pain meds and other favor from Heaven.  Eli is a keeper and seems to be quite mild mannered.

36th Anniversary!
This week, Sept 11, we celebrate our 36th anniversary!  I have now been married to Deb two-thirds of her life, since I married her when she was only 18 years old!  What were her parents thinking?!  LOL. Still loving God and each other after all these years. God is good.

He-Man Camping
Even though it was our smallest He-Man team yet, we had a most re-creational time of dialing-down. 5 guys made our annual pilgrimage to our ‘sacred’ grounds to rest, scratch, spit, and do manly things.  One morning, around the campfire, we had a really good worship time in our Creator’s nature-al Cathedral.  During the night hours, the raccoons entertained us by making clandestine raids on the camp… and for the most part we ‘fended’ them off.  I set out a live trap, but this trapper will have to get smarter than the trappee to have any success. Maybe next time.  Re-creation (sabbath) definitely scratches where it itches.  Thank you God, for setting the pattern of Sabbath.  

The She-Women gathered in KC for a couple of days and seemed to enjoy the air-conditioning, manicures, late night chats around the patio fire pit, restaurants, a Hallmark tour, Crown Center window shopping, and an afternoon stroll through Loose Park rose garden. Girls…

San Diego amigos
Dave and Ann Clark and several others, including several Hispanic young guys came to spend a week in KC and with us. We had some amazing good times, God times, house church times, prophetic times and even some studio recording times.  All great.   

High School Class Reunion
Recently Debbie and I attended my 40th year class reunion in Dallas City, IL.  It was exceptionally warm and relational… so much so that people didn’t want to leave at the end of the evening.  I wouldn’t be surprised if an impromptu gathering happened soon. 

While in my hometown, several churches hosted an all-day ‘Worship in the Park’ with food, fun and of course, worship.  We were very impressed.  Turns out the church that my father started back in 1965 is in a mini-sustained revival… and their worship team is quite dynamic.  Does my heart good to know that.  Another local church’s worship team is led by my class-mates’ son and daughter-in-law.  Again we were very impressed with their genuine devotion and passion for Jesus.  After connecting, they came to our home for a weekend to experience IHOP.  More trips both ways are already in the planning.

Mirror Bible passage & John G. Lake quote:
Col 2:9-10 says, “It is in Christ that God finds an accurate and complete expression of himself, in a human body.  Jesus mirrors our completeness and endorses our true identity, He is “I Am” in us.”   John G. Lake said, “The only difference between Christ and us was His understanding of who He was.”

Mark’s recent blog
You may enjoy reading my recent blogs entitled: The Changing Face of Christianity and He Is ‘I AM’ In You.

October travel
We plan to be up in the MN/WI region for a couple of weeks…

Wisconsin, LaCrosse – LaCrosse Christian Church – Michael Huffman-leader – speaking – Oct 6 (AM & PM)

Minnesota, Rochester – Destiny ChurchGlobal Legacy Leaders Advance – Rod Marquette-pastor – Oct 7-8

Minnesota, Wells – Wilderness Prayer Center – Tim Nelson-director – speaking – Oct 8

Wisconsin, Wausau – Living Well Faith Comm – Harvey Matson-pastor – (worship & speaking)- Oct 11-13

Oct 23-26 we’ll be in Springfield, MO at Dayspring Church attending the Empowered Conference with Randy Clark and Bill Johnson.  Email us ASAP if you’re interested in joining our group at a discounted rate.

Just for fun
Comedian Tim Hawkins on ‘Hand Raising’
As always, we’re so grateful for love, prayer and care!!! 

Our love and blessings!

Mark & Debbie

Dwelling Place Ministries
11011 Olive St
KC, MO 64131
Web: www.dpmkc.org
Blog: www.marklhen.wordpress.com
Mark FB: www.facebook.com/marklhen
SP bk FB: www.facebook.com/spforu


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