Quote: Is it God’s will to heal?

31 Jul

“If you believe that God makes people sick to develop their character then Jesus sure messed up God’s plan by healing them ALL!” by Kris Vallotton

“Jesus healed a few people who came to Him, but He told most of the people that He felt their pain, they needed to be sick a little longer so their sickness would build great character in their lives.  And if they wanted to grow their character faster they should run out in front of a chariot to accelerate the process!  Mess 6:66  God Bless you!” by Kris Vallotton

Recent tweets from Kris Vallotton ministries.

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One Response to “Quote: Is it God’s will to heal?”

  1. melwild August 1, 2013 at 8:59 AM #

    I think that’s from the “Unbelieving Believers” Bible, isn’t it? I think it was appropriately tagged under “sick” though… 🙂

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