He’s God… I’m not

8 Apr

I once heard Joseph Garlington preach a sermon which became one of my top 5 sermons.  He spoke of the never ending, heart/character/nature/creativity/love/awesome-ness of God that is SO dazzling and overwhelming that it evokes constant wonder and awe from the 24 elders, the angels, and us.   That is why they… and we… will involuntarily and whole-heartedly bow and worship forever.

This resonated to my core… and my heart was undone!  I feel that this perspective keeps God in His rightful place in my heart, so that even though I’m discovering that I do have MUCH of God in me… I am still not God.  He will always be God.  I will always want to… and need to… ‘fear’ and revere Him… and I will find my heart melted each time He reveals another level of Himself that’s He’s made available as my inheritance.

I love the revelation of Grace that we’re getting these days.  It’s awesome.  At the same time, I feel like our understanding is so infantile and frail right now.  If we’re tempted to think that we’ve got a corner on this revelation and ‘reality’ in the Spirit, we might want to consider John Arnott’s line back in the early ‘Toronto days’:  “When we are tempted to wrangle about how much revelation we have, we do well to consider a group of aboriginal pigmies arguing among themselves as to who is the tallest… the fact is, they’re all still dwarfs.”

I really like that because it keeps God in His rightful place in my heart and mind.  Whatever we think we’re learning, I’m still a dwarf in understanding His riches.  I am TRYING to let my revelation of His thoughts about me, permeate me and change me.  Yes, I am like Him (I Jn 4:17) IN AS MUCH as I can understand Him RIGHT NOW.  But I think the magnitude of who He is will forever be light years beyond my ability to see and comprehend.  That’s what makes Him God.   I just want to continue to embrace Him as much as my mind and heart are able.

SO… has the very holiness and righteousness of Jesus been imputed, declared, imparted and given to us?

But do I think I know the fullness of what that holiness and righteousness is?
—–Certainly no!

Do I think that I can comprehend and walk in it?
—–Only just a little bit more than yesterday’s revelation. (which leaves eternity to get the remaining revelation…)

How much more is available to be revealed to me in time and eternity?
—–LIGHTYEARS of revelation.  Probably enough to keep me on my face in wonder, love and praise before Him forever.

Does being a receiver of His great and unfolding revelation humble me and make me love Him more?
—–You betcha!  Every God-encounter creates another deeper response of, “I love you SO much!”

Does being the recipient of this amazing Grace evoke desire to walk even more circumspectly before this One who loves me so?
—–Absolutely!  I value and want to honor our relationship and His magnanimous heart toward me.

It’s impossible to fully understand a love that gives… and gives OF Himself… and even gives Himself.  I want to forever be on the receiving end of that kind of revelation that keeps my heart humbled and in awe, my life ‘clean’ and deeply in love for as long as the unsearchable mysteries of God are revealed… I’m pretty sure that will take forever!!!

I’m so glad that He’s God… and I’m not.



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