Gold – A Personal Family Anecdote

19 Jan

A very short story from my family history four generations ago regarding the power and misuse of gold.

(An excerpt from Supernatural Provision book)

Here’s a true story about gold which happened in my family history. My great-great-uncle was a farmer, but he had a penchant for going on gambling binges from time to time. Now his wife had no fondness for such excesses and was very put out each time he ventured off unannounced to seek his fortune. You see, he could be gone for weeks without a word regarding his whereabouts while she was left to face the bill collectors and hopefully make a bid for more time. He always eventually came home.

As the story goes, one time he returned and entered the front room where he found his wife sitting quietly occupied with her knitting. Her stony face and the icy absence of a greeting were clear warnings that all was not well. With measured approach, he walked up to her and began to toss one gold coin after another into the skirt which stretched across her lap. As each coin clunked into the others, the icy atmosphere gradually but steadily warmed into a tolerable summer day. My father chuckled every time he told us this story about his great uncle.

Let it be known, our family does not advocate gambling, but this one anecdote illustrates the power that gold has exerted on people’s hearts for millennia. Gold in itself is neither bad nor good, but the intents and motives of humankind’s heart make it a tool for good or evil. Isn’t it interesting how something so inert and base can be either luxurious and regal or destructive and evil?


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