Excerpt from SP book: Discovering Your Treasure

5 Jan

Let’s talk a little about how to discover your treasure. If it’s inside of you, how do you find it? For starters, ask yourself these prompts:

What experiences made you feel really alive?
• You couldn’t sleep for thinking about it the night before.
• You haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.
• You refer to that experience as a high water mark in your life.
• If time, money, and fear weren’t an issue, what would you love to do the rest of your life?
• Have you ever experienced tears of joy over what you were doing?

What have you done that caused unusual response from people you influenced?
• People profusely expressed their gratitude to you.
• People told you how it transformed their lives.
• People told you how it adjusted a deep attitude or broke a stronghold.
• People offered you money or reciprocation of favor.

What is it that always seems to just work for you?
• People and things just come together uncannily.
• Money or practical issues come together when you do this.
• Unusual grace and freedom from difficulty make it easy.
• Your spirit, mind, and strength seem empowered beyond normal.

What comes up repetitively in prophecies over you wherever you go?
• No matter where you go, do you seem to get picked for a prophetic word?
• When you transcribe the words, do you find a familiar pattern emerging?
• Is it an activity? Is it a grace? Is it a skill? Is it a commission?

Do recurring dreams cause you to wake with unusual passion to live your dream?
• Have you written down your dreams? What pattern is emerging?
• What kind of setting? What kind of people group? What are you doing?
• Have you experimented with recreating this setting and doing this activity?

I imagine that something clicked for you in these prompts. Next, you’ll want to begin to purposefully experiment with this activity, skill, or service that came to mind to see if it gets easier and more effective as you exercise it. If it gets easier and more effective, and if you find it deeply fulfilling, then you’ll want to study it and pursue it with the same commitment as if you were going to college. This is quite likely your treasure. In the premise I’m presenting, this treasure will afford the best potential to inspire you and provide for you in life. Why? Because it is the treasure God placed in you, and He has a special plan for it. There is a void in this world that truly needs your specific treasure, and God will give you the grace to empower you to fulfill that void. Your treasure is designed to bring God glory by answering the problems of your world. And if you’re wondering where to apply your treasure, just look for the needs of others that are within the scope of your treasure. Many of your opportunities will be found in solving the needs of others.

You must find and comply with Heaven’s design for your treasure, because only in that connection with Heaven’s plan will you get the life source necessary to soar with this treasure. If we live pursuing our treasure our hearts will grow and we will thrive in life! (Excerpt from SP book)

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