DPM Update – 2012 October

31 Oct

Dear Friends

House church
In the last few weeks we’ve led house churches in: our home here in KC; Redding, CA; Joplin, MO; Minneapolis, MN; LaCrosse, WI and Richland Center, WI.  I think one of the main reasons we love house churches is because we get to see people encounter the Presence of the Lord… AND we get the pleasure of offering them an opportunity to grow by ‘exercising’.

In my view, house churches are likely the best environment for believers to grow.  Oh, I know that there may be more people in formal church gatherings and there may be better ‘high-powered’ sermons in larger gatherings, but the fact is that most people have little opportunity to be anything more than just good pew-sitters in those formal gatherings… which means they experience very little activation, participation and ‘exercise’.

So let’s just talk about exercise for a moment.  I liken our spiritual growth to the physical growth of our bodies.  In our bodies, if we want a larger bicep, we must push that specific muscle beyond its present comfort zone… in other words until there is some kind of burn.  Our body then rushes to make that muscle stronger for the next time.  Similarly, when we push beyond our comfort zones in spiritual areas, there is a ‘strengthening’ of that area which makes it easier the next time we want to ‘flex’ that ‘muscle’.

Scripture bears this out, “But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” – Heb 5:14 (AKJV)  Simply put, exercise qualifies us to receive more from God.  It is a crucial ingredient for growth… which equips us for greater fulfillment and adventure in God.  And the opposite is also true: without exercise, we stagnate… our growth stops when we don’t exercise.

Then what is happening when we hear great sermons… isn’t that growth?  Well, let’s look at our bodies again… hearing great sermons is like a body builder eating a high protein diet only and then expecting muscles to effortlessly and miraculously just pop out.  The fact is that that regimen will only produce weight of the wrong kind.  Jesus said, “Keep on being obedient to the word, and not merely being hearers who deceive themselves.” James 1:22 (ISV)  The body builder needs nutrition and exercise… spiritually, we need hearing and doing.

To do a little self-diagnostic on these matters, you may want to find your own status on my “Spiritual ‘dip-stick’ Continuum”.

All that being said, the Early Church house churches created an environment for one of the greatest growth spurts in Christianity’s history.  House church settings are one of the places where the believers “get to do the stuff” as John Wimber used to say, which causes personal growth and reward, it delights Heaven and expands the Kingdom.  And it’s the same today, when a precious heart is encouraged into activation, participation and ‘exercise’, we get to see the surprise and delight as the young and old alike awaken to a latent gifting or grace.  Like recently when we were all amazed, endeared and inspired as a 7 year old girl joined in prophesying over many people in the group… she was contagiously vibrant and effective.  More Lord!  Since house churches give such opportunity for growth, I imagine that they will always be a major component of Christianity’s expression on this planet.

By the way, I believe that every person and every family is autonomous under God.  We say we believe in the priesthood of every believer, so for what it’s worth, Jesus has already given you permission to have your own house church under your own roof when He said, “Go ye therefore…”   Rally a few believers (and unbelievers) whom God joins to you… and let the growth begin!  If you were waiting for permission, you now have it.  More power to you!

Here is a pic of a recent house church in WI where people are participating: house church pic  and a short audio clip from the same house church where men and women are singing different parts in a spontaneous song: house church audio.

Just for fun:
A ministry response in broken English from a young person in Taiwan

     Hello!!! ~ Mark Pastor   Do not know if you remember this group of children in Taiwan in 2009, when your whole family to come to Taiwan to participate in a camp SHINE.   in the United States, is your family okay??   Remember when you bring our message and God be friends now.   a lot of people believe that God is with us.   An a lot of people are baptized.   Very happy when the arrival of your family.   very much hope that you and your family have the opportunity to also be able to come back to Taiwan to play!!   to look forward to your arrival  (We have no Asia trips scheduled at this time. – MH)

Please VOTE!
Plato said, “One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.”  Not voting is one of the weak sides of the conservative mindset.  We tend to ‘turn the other cheek’… or believe voting won’t do any good… or just trust in ‘Providence’.  While most of us probably agree that neither of the main contenders will fix our country… only one will keep the blood of unborn babies off of our hands.  We’re voting the values of Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom.  I’m sure that you know that this is an extremely important election year, but if you’ve not yet decided who you’re voting for, read this article, then please vote on November 6th.   And here’s a great Catholic election video Test of Fire: Election 2012

God bless you… and God bless the United States of America with great God-appointed leaders!

Much love
Mark and Debbie

Personal prayer requests:
* Grace for physical health for our whole family
* Grace for our marriage and family relationships
* Grace for continued financial provision
* Blessing on distribution of Supernatural Provision book
* Wisdom and anointing to match the occasions of life and ministry
* Protection from demonic schemes
* Protection and safety for all of our travels
* Frequent new spiritual experiences, needful to stay ‘fresh’
* Increased heart ‘fire and passion’ for each of our family members
* Holy Spirit’s oversight to connect us with only those to whom we’re to relate and minister
* Wisdom and grace for the administration of ministry, scheduling and bookkeeping

If you would like to pray with more understanding about any of these areas, please feel free to ask.

Dwelling Place Ministries
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KC, MO 64131
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