‘Fleece’ Template – Finding The Will of God

22 Sep

(The term ‘fleece’ is found in Judges 6:36-40)

Objective: To receive guidance from God.  To help with decision making when a person is dedicated to God and wants to receive direction from Him on a particular problem; especially with difficult or weighty issues, when God’s will is unclear and when a conflict of interest or emotion may be clouding the issue.

Conditions:  Purpose not to move forward without hearing from God. “Truly, truly, I say to you; the Son can do nothing of himself [by his own will], but only does what he sees the Father do.” – John 5:19.  Voluntarily place myself in a position and heart posture where God is invited and is able to direct me; trumping over my thoughts, opinions or feelings.  Further decisions and forward progress are placed on hold until the fleece indicators appear.  It is important to be fully committed to do what the fleece indicates; nothing more or less… no second-guessing allowed afterwards.


–  Seeking God’s will requires a few cautions.  Even though I want to know clear will of God’s for me, I must stay within righteous parameters.  Using a fleece is NOT to be considered as an option if: 1) I’ve already heard from God 2) I’m trying get Him to change His mind 3) clear biblical principles already guide the issue 4) I’m pressing God to endorse my unsanctified desires.  All of these could have sobering results similar to the Israelites who badgered Moses and God for meat… they got meat; some died and the rest experienced “leanness to their souls” – Ps 106:15.  Obviously, we want God on the throne of our hearts versus our own agenda.  All of us sometimes fail at this… and there is mercy to cover these times.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily remove the painful outcomes of bad decisions.

–  Two or three witnesses (Biblical precedent: Deut. 19:15, “Let a thing be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses.”)  ‘Witnesses’ are ‘God-signs’ or happenings which occur completely unexpected and out of the ordinary.  They may involve natural occurrences in a supernatural timing… or ‘super’-natural input from people who are ‘ignorant’ of my situation, e.g. profound dreams or similar dreams from multiple people, prophetic words, etc; and must be overtly apparent that God has ordained them to speak into my specific situation.

–  Qualifying the God-signs (Four qualifiers)

1.   They must be from an ‘ignorant’ source – The witness or ‘God-sign’ cannot have natural knowledge of the situation.  Its power to confirm is magnified and empowered because it has no natural knowledge.
2.   I must not influence or manipulate the God-sign – I can’t ‘sow’ suggestions, hints, public prayers, etc… so as to maneuver the God-sign into place.  It must be free from my efforts.
3.   They must be able to convince a skeptic – When I tell the God-sign story to a doubter they’d have to acknowledge that it was God who created this God-sign.  Must not be something which is open to subjective interpretation.
4.   They must be powerful enough to eradicate the devil – We are certain to encounter resistance.  With my God-sign I must be able to tell the devil “It is written”… it has become my Word from God.  Is it sufficient ‘ammo’ to win against my opposition?  They must empower me with unwavering faith despite the worst case scenario?

–  I must be ok with the outcome of the fleece template.  In other words, I must commit to God that whatever the outcome, it is going to be the joy of my heart.  Either way it turns out, God wins… and I win.  Why, because I know He’s good and He’ll only do what’s best for me.  If I don’t believe that He’s good, then I’ll have trouble casting myself into the care of a sovereign God.  Using a fleece template communicates that I am not my own god… God is my God.  Instead of me solely holding the reigns to my own life, I’m partnering with God on a most vulnerable level.

Conclusion:  When the clear will of God is not known, He loves to be invited into our lives in practical and tangible ways which let Him have His hands on the ‘steering wheel’ of our lives.  Knowing that we’re ‘kings’ under the authority of the King, we partner and co-labor with Him in life’s decisions.

Three ways to find the will of God

1.    Fleece – Create a time-line, require and qualify 2 or 3 ‘witnesses’ as your Scriptural guide
    Proactive approach – well ahead of the ‘crunch’ – partnering with God
2.    I’ll take the first thing that comes – Trust that God will manifest His sovereign will
    Passive approach – when you don’t know how or care to proactively partner with Him
3.    Stop me if I’m wrong – Unfortunately you’ve already set everything in motion
    ‘Bail me out’ approach – trust God’s sovereignty to resist you



Fleece template

4 Responses to “‘Fleece’ Template – Finding The Will of God”

  1. Jenny Sullivan February 27, 2018 at 10:38 AM #

    Thanks again!! sending this to my friends… Did you do this before you ate that possum?

    • Mark Hendrickson February 27, 2018 at 11:18 AM #

      Jenny, you keep things stirred up… one of the many reasons everybody likes you!
      But the truth about this ‘fleece template’ is, I’ve never heard anyone give a definitive way to hear from God. And as central and crucial as hearing is to being a child of God, you’d think this would be a common topic. So I hope this empowers many to hear and find a position of faith for every decision they face. Blessings


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