“This Is That” Age

20 Aug

Peter stood up at Pentecost and without mincing any words declared of the unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit, This is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel”. (Joel 2:28)  In like manner, when we consider Eph 2:7, could we declare as strongly, “This is that age which was spoken of by the apostle Paul?”

“So that in the ages to come the exceeding riches of His grace may be shown toward us in Christ Jesus.” — Eph 2:7

What can we ‘mine’ out of this verse?

1. There are different ages (epochs… or eras) in history.
2. There are at least two more “ages” after the age that Paul was living in.
3. And in at least two (or all) of those future ages “exceeding riches of grace” will be shown/manifest toward those who are in Christ Jesus.
4. It seems to indicate that there will be an emergence of greater… or exceeding riches of grace in these future ages.
5. This exceeding Grace is shown to those who are IN (the ‘bloodline’ of) Christ Jesus.

Comments: We’re living on the threshold of a brand new “age” (the Kingdom era) and are about to experience the ramping up of Grace unto the level of “exceeding riches of Grace”.  That would explain the keen interest and greater emphasis on Grace which is currently proliferating around the globe.  Our Father knows that revelation comes by hearing so He’s exposing and saturating His people in the rich rhema of Grace. (see Rms 10:17)  And of course, rhema is followed by transformation.

Conclusion: With these things in mind, prepare for our paradigms of Grace to be radically enhanced and for Grace’s resulting freedoms to stretch us… and maybe even offend us at times. View the latest video entitled, “Father of Lights” and be impacted by the freedom… even lavish freedom… with which Heaven showers goodness on the pre-saved… with no strings attached.  Our Father is so good!  We’re in for an exciting and wild ride of epoch proportions.  I declare that “this is that” age which Paul spoke of where the “exceeding riches of His Grace” are poured out upon the earth so much so that in five years we’ll hardly be able to believe what we’ve come to believe about Amazing Grace.  



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