A Good Leader must be a Student of the Heart

20 Aug

To be a good leader one must become a student of the heart: God’s heart, our heart and others’ hearts.  Leaders are influencers of people… and people represent hearts.  So we must study…

1.  what restrains or releases God’s heart

2.  what shuts down or inspires our own heart

3.  what offends or opens up others’ hearts

This learned skill and ability to live and move in the heart realm makes us effective in Heaven and on earth.  And actually, the only thing that we can take to Heaven is a heart.  So if we’re living for eternity, then we must focus on the matters and care of the heart.


Questions to ask: How does a heart operate?  What makes a heart tick?  What makes it open up?  What makes a heart shut down?  What makes a heart feel that it has to defend itself?  What makes a heart put up walls?  What makes a heart ask you to come in further?

There are many natural skills that are helpful (speaking skills, music skills, hospitality skills, etc) but bottom-line, learning how to touch God’s heart, and other’s hearts is the main thing.  But there is NO touching other’s hearts in a positive and eternal way without touching God’s heart first.  And touching God’s heart has to be a lifestyle… not just the occasional pop-call to Heaven or the desperate cram session before leading a meeting.

Then we must learn how to walk into people’s hearts without making them voluntarily or involuntarily raise their defenses…  and that could be because of one or more problematic reasons, e.g. we’re too insecure, too proud, too assertive, too talkative, not talkative enough, not relevant, too ‘in their space’ without their permission, take too long to say what we’re trying to say, we don’t take long enough to develop what we want to say, don’t let the conversation breathe, we’re too coarse or crass, we’re too apologetic, too robotic and unfeeling or too gooey and touchy-feely, too stoic, too goofy, etc.  We must be able to listen without being a pushover… and we must able to speak our mind without being too opinionated and untactful, and the list goes on and on…..

Ideally, we should know more about what God thinks about their heart and life than they do… and be able to communicate it in a way that is unobtrusive and inspiring.  If we do it right, we will usually have an automatic audience… because most people want to hear from their Heavenly Father and know what He thinks about them.

So each of the above issues makes for either a successful or unsuccessful incursion into people’s hearts.   And if we want to know how we’re doing in these areas, just take note of whether people come back after the first few times.   This will give us a commentary on our heart skills.  Our ‘heart’ skills either open people up further and inspires them to ask for more… or shuts them down and they won’t be coming back.

So here’s a starting place to influence people’s hearts: 

1.  Listen well
2.  Affirm them
3.  Believe in them

To be an effective steward and influencer of people’s hearts, A GOOD LEADER MUST BE A STUDENT OF THE HEART.



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