Quote: Our soul’s struggle to stay in control

15 Aug

The more mature one becomes, the greater the wisdom and insight that is imparted to him by the Spirit of God.  The process of maturing is designed to limit and restrict the input of the soul in determining the nature of reality.  The soul’s determination to remain in control is the principle inhibitor, limiting the humans’ ability to grasp reality as revealed from God’s point of view.

This process is inseparable from suffering and the apparent loss of control.   Suffering is experienced when the soul perceives that its view of reality is shifting from a basis of reason to one of revelation. The soul may control the process of reason and the decisions that come from it, but it is incapable of influencing the substance of revelation.  The corresponding vulnerability makes the human feel adrift and at the mercy of the unknown.  This loss of control is one of the human’s greatest fears, but it is necessary to allow one’s spirit to part the veil of apparent loss of control and return to the reality of the spirit and the provision and protection of the Kingdom of God.  (excerpt from My Father, My Father – by Sam Soleyn)  http://www.soleynpublishing.com/store/


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