Angelic Interactions

30 Jul

Accessing Heaven’s resources and provision has led me to explore our interactions with angels.  Angels are another one of Heaven’s assets and resources available for us saints.  “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?” — Heb 1:14    That’s you and me… we are those who inherit salvation.  Angels are sent to minister TO us and FOR us.  So I want to get better at recognizing, interacting and affirming their activities in my life.

There isn’t much teaching in the Bible about interacting with angels.  Mostly we get to see how it’s done.  But in Rev 19:10 John falls down to worship one, and the angel says, “Don’t worship me for I too am a fellow servant…”   So it’s clear, we’re not to worship angels.  And we know they are not God.   But did you notice that the angel said that he was a “fellow servant”?  I believe this is a ‘key’ for interacting with angels.

Consider: You and I are fellow servants of Jesus… just like the angel said that he and John were fellow servants.  Ok, do you and I ever commend one another?  Do you and I ever bless, praise or thank one another?  Do you and I ever exhort or even ‘charge’ one another to ‘go for God’ in some exploit?  Of course the answer is, “Yes”.  And in all of these activities we’re not worshiping each other, because we know that each is not God: GOD is God.

So using that as a template, I’ve experimented with blessing angelic activities around me and those they conduct for me, etc.  I’ve even blessed them with my affirmation, to fulfill all of my Father’s desires in Heaven and on the earth.  They know what Father wants, and I’m adding my “Amen” to Father’s will.

Now, I’m cautious… even resistant, to assert my own feelings, wishes or desires on the angels.  I think we could get into trouble there.  But to applaud and ‘commission’ them to fulfill my Father’s will is very safe… AND it adds my support and agreement to the Heavenly ‘mix’.  Of course, I never want to compromise God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) preeminent place.  All of the other beings in Heaven are subservient to God and it’s important that I must see them as such.

For more reference, do a concordance search on angels and study the interactions with angels.   Look at Gideon (Judg 6) and Manoa’s (Judg 13) interactions and many others.  Even though there isn’t much Scripture to INSTRUCT us how to interact, I believe that we can OBSERVE Scriptural interactions thus learn to avail ourselves to another dimension of Heaven’s resources for the Saints.


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