DPM Update – 2012 July

12 Jul

Dear Friends

He-Man Camping
What we thought was going to be a pretty small crowd for our 11th Annual He-Man Camping (Facebook Group and pics) event turned out to be our second largest.  The weather and water was perfect… and we had some pretty great evenings around the campfire.  Worship and sharing was sweet which drew in some neighboring campers.  And that turned into praying for a homeless man and eventually helping him get a bus ticket back to his home in Texas.  Because of some rather unusual circumstances throughout the several days of interactions with this man, when it was all said and done a few of us wonder if we had entertained an angel (Heb 13:2).  And to further fuel our curiosity, we noticed that he even had angel wing designs on the back of his t-shirt on the last day.  If he was an angel, I think we passed the test.

CA trip
About 25 of us (friends, family and Hispanic pastors) gathered in Sacramento, CA directly across the street from the state Capitol building in preparation for a worship/prayer event inside the building the next day.  A good night of worship and prayer got crazier when (3) Holy Spirit filled radical State Assembly persons showed up in our meeting.  Now the problem with the next day’s plans was that we discovered that laws had been created prohibiting instruments inside the Capitol building.  So we had reconciled ourselves to just a cappella worship.  But after 3 hours of a great free-flow prayer and worship meeting, late that night, those Assembly persons sneaked our instruments into the Capitol building through the basement thereby by-passing the scanners and security.  Our team was granted SO much favor.
The next morning we were all escorted onto the CA State Assembly Floor just to see what it was like (that sort of thing NEVER happens).  We then held a short and powerful meeting in the courtyard of one Assembly person’s office.  After which about 75 of us gathered in an assembly hall for 3+ hour prayer and worship – WITH instruments.  The security sergeant was aware of the rule violation but deferred to the Assembly person.  Without any stress or planning on our part, the whole meeting was accompanied by instruments and worship.  We were all in awe of how the Lord orchestrated an Assembly person whom we’d never met before, to break the rules for us.
Reminds me of Prov 18:16 – “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.”  The anointed meeting on the first night created desire and determination in the Assembly persons to break the rules to get worship and prayer inside the Capitol building.  God is way cool!!

Last Saturday night we led a house church in Redding in the home of a man and wife who have hosted us several times… (giving us their house and car for up to 3 weeks while they were away. So cool)   But he was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and they were VERY distressed over the future.  About 15 of us decided to come create a worship atmosphere in their home and pray and prophesy over them.  Two days later they went to the Dr for further tests and found that it is not nearly as bad as the Dr originally thought and is easily treatable with great outcome.  They are relieved and bubbling with joy when we saw them later.

San Diego trip
On the 14th  – 17th we’ll join Luke, Lydia, friends from HI, Hispanic friends and our SD friends Dave & Ann Clark, for some outside-the-four-walls ministry.  The Lord has really knit our hearts to these Hispanic pastors and a couple groups of ‘on-fire’ young guys.  We love their humility and gentle hearts, while at the same time they carry an amazing anointing.

Thoughts to ponder:
Question: If good works can’t make an unbeliever righteous, then can ‘bad’ works make a believer unrighteous?
Thoughts: When you and I were born into this life, we had a sinful nature.  While in this sin nature we occasionally did a good thing.  However this good work did not change our nature.  No matter how many good works we may have done, we still had a sinful nature.  All our good works were like “filthy rags”.  Again, those righteous good works could not change our unrighteous nature into a righteous one.
But when we are born of God’s Spirit we are given a new nature—a righteous one—God’s nature.  All this was despite our old sin nature.  “It’s not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy, He saved us”  Since our righteousness could never attain one-ness with God, we were given Jesus’ righteousness!!!  We are now the “righteousness of God in Christ”.  Can we comprehend this?!?!  We didn’t get seated with Christ in heavenly places by any good works we ever did, so we won’t let the devil haunt us about our occasional bad works.  It was Jesus’ actions that got us here.  Hallelujah!!   It doesn’t mean that we won’t fall, nor is it a permit to sin.  But if or when we fall it does not change our righteous nature into an unrighteous one because our righteousness was never predicated on our own merit… it was on His.
Wow, this sure helps remove our tendency to insecurity and the resulting strain.  We’re talking about freedom… freedom to soar untethered into the goodness of God.
Conclusion: Glorious reality!!!

Cute video just for fun
A cute little girl tells the story of Jonah.  About 8 minutes long.  http://vimeo.com/16404771

May our wonderful Lord Jesus ‘bless your socks off’ with unexpected surprises!!!!

Love and blessings

Mark and Debbie


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