We’re Grandparents!!!

29 Apr
Aslan, my little man-cub

Aslan will one day be ‘king of the forest’, but for right now he’s just a little man-cub in grampa’s arms.

     Introducing: ASLAN JAMES Hendrickson, born: April 29, weight: 7 lb. 4 oz., length: 19 in.  (Aslan pic)  Our little grandson is a keeper!!!  You may remember Aslan (the lion who represented Jesus) in Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. Well, Aslan is a lion-to-be, but for right now he’s just a little man-cub.  During delivery John was great support and Cheryl was a real trooper.  She’s our new Super Hero!!!  Debbie is enjoying doing the grandma thing.  And I can hardly wait to take him down to the river and walk through the mud barefooted with mud squishing up between our toes…. you know, all the finer things in life.
Cheryl’s parents (from Hawaii) and two of her sisters have been here for most of a couple weeks.  They’re so much fun and so loving. Great grandparents also came from FL.  And of course Luke and Lydia had to come see their new nephew.  It was a blast having the family here to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  (Grandparents & Aslan pic)
When you think of all the excitement and delight over this new little life birthed into the world, maybe it gives us a little insight into the kind of rejoicing that happens in Heaven by the angels when one sinner repents (Lk 15:10).

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